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Ross endorses the idea of Sting for the WWE hall of fame

Jim Ross endorses the idea of Sting going into the WWE Hall of Fame in
his latest blog at Ross writes, “I actually don’t know
the answer to that one but suspect that Sting is still officially with
TNA. Nonetheless many fans hope that Sting is inducted in the WWE HOF in
Atlanta at WM27. Theoretically, if Sting were not working for another
wrestling company, it would be a splendid idea. It still might be but
that’s not for me to speculate on. Sting was the first and only WCW star
that Turner’s people ‘made’ in Atlanta that never wrestled for WWE as
best that I recall. I’d love to help produce a definitive Sting DVD some
day as I was around him when he first started in the biz and teamed with
the Ultimate Warrior, then known as Rock, in the UWF as the tag team duo
known as the Bladerunners.”

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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  1. raven12516 says:

    I know Sting is HOF worthy, but it would be wierd since he never worked in WWE.

  2. Sub Zero says:

    It would be funny if a few months after Sting gets inducted into the WWE HOF, he shows up in TNA and gives Jeff Hardy his Hall of Fame Ring.

  3. Jose says:

    Sting would never do it – he’d be seeling his soul to the devil, a.k.a. Vince McMahon.

  4. Jose says:


  5. Rex Anderson says:

    Sting in the WWE HOf is very weird, it just doesnt sound right. Its like working for Walmart and you never worked at Target, but Target gives you a HOf award? Really….

  6. K says:

    Steve Borden aka Sting worked for WCW, and WCW was bought by WWE, so technically he worked for the company, he is shown on WWE on Demand.

  7. Radar says:

    K Sting never worked for WWE, not even technically. when WWE bought WCW, they aquired the contracts of certain wrestlers along with the perchase (mainly the ones you saw dering the invasion angle) Sting, Flair, and others, werent with WWE after WCW was bought cause they had a special contract or there contract expired or something like that but they were Free Agents (if you will) so WWE was persuing Sting to come work for them but when The Rock said who is Booker T, Sting was watching and Sting thought that was a slap in the face to was Booker T did in his career, and since then Sting said he would never work for the WWE. The only reason why he is on a few DVDs and on WWE on Demand is because WWE OWNS the WCW library

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