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TNA Knockout bashes WWE Diva

– Someone asked Brooke Adams aka Miss Tessmacher on Twitter if it was true that Melina got her fired from WWE and she posted the following:

“The reason I left WWE never had anything to do with her, that was just a rumor. When I left I was actually the only person that liked her. She was such a rude, fake, b***h to everyone. She then tried to turn my girls Layla and Kelly Kelly against me by telling them a lie that I said which in reality was a rumor that SHE started. It was never anything I said. I can’t stand her and neither can most of the rest.”

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  1. kid money says:

    brooke was the ugly one from the 3 in ecw. she mad that melina is the hottest women in all wrestling. on yea next week the mr kid money on wwe i will shock you.

  2. Korey says:

    But…..Melina is so hot……she does no wrong

  3. reyo says:

    I just can’t believe Natalya is winning the female of the year award. All she did with the harts was get in the way. And really wasn’t needed when Bret Hart started getting involved in their matches. And she’s very average as a wrestler.

  4. Anony-mouse says:

    Melina is friggin ugly.. sure she can wrestle some for a chick these days.. but seriously dudes… do NOT say she’s hot.. the hottest chick in all wrestling is Christy Hemme if anything.

  5. Dave K says:

    Really? Natalya got in the way of the Harts? Say it with me…..STORYLINE! It’s what was written by the goofs backstage! Not like she went out and did it on her own. Melina is ok, but she has a pattern of being a backstage problem, back to when she and Batista were an item.

  6. tommy says:

    really what planet are ypu on as melina is never the hottest inb all wrestling nolt even wwe aloone. mickie james still has the overall lead as just behind her is natalia neidhart then kelly kelly, then angelina love then velvet sky so that rounds top 5 and then i have 5 other before melina even gets mentioned.
    former tiffany taryn terrell
    serena deeb would fit but shes gone from wwe and tna
    eve tores
    heck maryse fits in there too above melina and the list goes on
    ok i stop there.

  7. Steve says:

    I have never heard any of the other girls say a nice thing about Melina. Seems like the majority opinion is she is a b**ch.

  8. N. Gaijin says:

    How often do you hear girls say anything nice about each other?

    Women naturally hate each other, especially when one of them is doing better than the other.

    I’m with kid money, Melina’s the hottest – at least as far as televised wrestling in the United States goes. A friend of mine and I were talking about her when it was announced she was getting called up soon, he commented that she didn’t have that “dipped in plastic” look so many divas today have. That’s still true. Amongst all the barbie dolls that so many teenage boys seem to lust over, she stands out. Admittedly, Serena is hotter, but she’s not on my TV anymore :/.

  9. chris harper says:

    melina is beautiful and sexy thats all i got to say

  10. Eric says:

    Melina is overrated and a b***h if she keeps being a problem backstage she will probably be let go. as for natalya she had a great year 3rd generation wrestler she definatly deserves to be champ and win the poll

  11. Ro says:

    Beauty is in the eye and everyone has there own opinion. IMO, Melina is only hot from the neck down. Face it, like most of the ladies in the WWE and TNA, they have smokin’ hot bodies. Especially Awesome Kong! (yes, that’s a joke)

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