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Update on Awesome Kong/WWE

Dave Meltzer is confirming the signing of former TNA Knockout champion Awesome Kong by World Wrestling Entertainment. She teased the signing previously on Twitter.

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  1. JD Storm says:

    please give us something similar to Bertha Faye, Vince. whatever you do, don’t allow Awesome Kong to be a dominate wrestler. have her learn the “WWE-style” of “entertainmnet”, too.[/sarcasm]

  2. Paul says:

    So apparently Lay-Cool will finally have their bodyguard/enforcer. Either that, or Mark Henry will have a new arm candy to show off soon. LOL

  3. kid money says:

    watch wwe monday night raw this monday to see the the future of the wwe KID MONEY and i will leave you with you jaw lay out

  4. -Jay- says:

    Vince will likely have her become a female Kamala.

  5. Michael says:

    Arm candy? If she were attached to my arm I would gnaw my arm off!! As terrible as the Diva’s division is right now its only going to get worse.

  6. Joe says:

    I’d like to think she could be used the the potential of Chyna in the 90’s. It’d be nice, but I doubt they’ll figure that out.

  7. matt says:

    dolph and vickie’s new love triangle lol

  8. DrJSinnful says:

    Mark Henrys new girl friend would be very interesting.

  9. JuanS says:

    This should shock no one -every 5 years the WWE actually takes women’s wrestling seriously for about 6 months then it goes the way of Santina Marella making her return at Wrestlemania and competing for the title.

  10. Rex Anderson says:

    DIVA of the YEAR- Awesome Kong

  11. jadedphoenix says:

    Awesome Kong vs. Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya for the Divas Title at WM27

  12. wjamcd81 says:

    Looks like a long lasting feud with Beth Phoenix…Beth is really the only one who has the in-ring ability to wrestle Kong. The only other option is to do a “Nash vs. The X-Divisioner’s”…and have her beat the living crap out of the entire Diva’s roster…another option is to bring AJ back and start a David & Goliath type feud…AJ has the speed and the talent…and as long a Kong is willing to job every now and then…could be a great way to get AJ into the locker room.

  13. Cody says:

    I said this the other day on the new years predictions request…. I think she will be in WWE for a while a will be a very dominant “diva”, I dont think that she will be watered down like some of the other TNA members and will have a short run and then never used again leading to a release, she should be different. I think a good angle for her starting out would be to fued with LayCool and for Layla just to be awfully scared of her and turn her back on Michelle, and then Layla would become her (annoying) mouthpeice, making her a hated heel. It would make McCool a babyface of course. Then later when she is the top heel diva facing and beating all other diva’s like Phoenix, Natalya, McCool, Melina throughout the year, she would finally get tired of Layla, and people would love her as a babyface and destroy Layla.

  14. Matt says:

    Can’t wait to see her lose to the likes of Maryse, Kelly Kelly & Skeleton McSkinny.

  15. matthew says:

    Awesome Kong is a great signing for the WWE. When Kong was in TNA, the reason their ratings were fairly decent or better than today was one reason…Kong. When TNA released Dutch Mantell, he took the secret behind the KnockOuts with him because since he’s been gone, the KnockOuts are just a shadow of their former selves. Kong was great in TNA and her matches with Gail Kim are seminars on how women’s wrestling should be presented. Now with Russo in charge, not only have the Knockouts become boring but the whole show as well. In my opinion, Kong goes against every rule of thumb the WWE has ever had about female wrestling..Kong is not a Diva, she’s not a model, she’s not an actress…she’s a wrestler and I think what we’re going to see now is some serious female wrestling from WWE. IMO, the WWE will now blow away the TNA Knockouts. Dixie Carter made a strategic error in allowing Gail Kim and Kong to get away. How stupid.

  16. KennyD says:

    I believe that she will be an asset to the women’s division of the WWE …

    Hopefully; Vince and his cronies don’t misuse her. Would be great to see her as a face and taking on Lay-Cool …. AWESOME !!

    I wouldn’t mind seeing her take on Chavo , Santino and some of the other guys , also … as she HAS wrestled men in the past …

  17. jadedphoenix says:

    Moment of 2011 Beth Phoenix hitting the Glam Slam on Kong!!!

  18. tG says:

    Vince and his cronies… yeah, he doesn’t know anything, dang him, wrestling would sure be better without him and the WWE… not…

  19. wjamcd81 says:

    TNA may have other options to pursue in order to gain total hierarchy when it comes to women’s wrestling in a major promotion…of course Shimmer probably has the best talent.

    I doubt most of these could ever happen.

    1. Offer Trish Stratus a boat load of money and sign her somehow (won’t happen)

    2. Try to sign Lita (could be good for TNA if they ever sign Matt Hardy)…probably won’t happen.

    3. Re-sign (yes…most of us know she was there when it was still a NWA affiliate) Sarah Del Rey…possible but not probable.

    4. Sign Ms. Chif…possible but not probable.

    5. Give Daffney a huge push.

    6. If Daffney gets the push, and if they could ever sign Ms. Chif, reform “The Screamers” and get them in a heated feud with the Beautiful People and Madison and Tara. Great story for the tag division.

    7. Sign Daizee Haze…possible.

    8. Sign Serena Deeb, and put her in a full time wrestling position…not wasting time by shaving her head….possible.

    9. Sign Elosia…released from NXT for having porn pics?…Maryse had a Playboy spread before she was signed…could have been a great talent…possible.

    10. Sign Maria Kanellis…possible.

    11. Sign Jamie Keyes (NXT)…possible.

    12. Sign Jillian Hall…possible.

    Any other ideas???

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