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News on Wrestlemania and Wade Barrett

– There is talk of moving Wade Barrett over to Smackdown and having him feud with Undertaker upon his return. This may wind up as a match at Wrestlemania is Taker can make it back in time.

– Other matches planned for Wrestlemania as of this week were Randy Orton vs CM Punk, The Miz vs John Cena and Triple H vs Sheamus. Punk vs Cena was originally scheduled to go until Mania but there is talk now of blowing it off as soon as the Royal Rumble.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Hipnosis says:

    well…seems Punk will be jobbing at Mania

  2. Ali says:

    Cool A two week fued. Way to waste time and marketing.

  3. Adam Bockler says:

    I really hope they give Punk and Cena time. If it can stay fresh, I wouldn’t mind seeing that program last until, or even through, the summer.

  4. Xern says:

    I assume that HHH vs. Sheamus will be some sort of gimmick match, such as No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere, Steel Cage, or the like.

  5. Jonathan says:

    HHH and Sheamus again. They fought at mania 26.

  6. Jayson says:

    cena better not win the wwe title back i will stop watching wrestling i hate that guy

  7. Kyle says:

    @Jonathan, yes they went at it at Mania 26 but you gotta remember that match was an easily pre-determined result. HHH had nothing to lose, Shamus had everything to gain, but this year it could be a match (if billed right) that would end up stealing the show. The two men work well together and they could easily blow the roof off this year. As for Cena vs. Punk that’s a program that I think would be amazing if it’s done WITHOUT the nexus tie in. If it was just Punk and Cena they could make it work real well.

  8. Matthew says:

    Yet another idea WWE lays down and !@#$% on it. You put Punk up against anybody in this company, you will see a great feud becuase so many people hate Punk they’ll be behind Cena or whoever all the way. Why not Miz and Morrison at Mania? Morrison may not have the mic skills, but at least people are behind him. The whole idea with Punk and Orton having a match is ludicrous. So I 100% agree with Hipnosis Punk will most likely job. But at the least, it will turn into a great feud. As for Sheamus and HHH, I couldn’t give a $#@! about. Sheamus always kisses up to HHH back stage, it’s onaly natural that they have yet another match.

  9. N. Gaijin says:

    Trading Barrett to Smackdown would be a brilliant move if Taker could be ready in time for a WM setup. As things are now, there’s not a lot of Barrett to do on RAW as a heel and turning him face after everything he did with Nexus doesn’t make much sense. Punk/Cena going into WM could be stellar (Nexus or no), if management got their heads out of their asses. The only legit reason for them to cut this short is if Cena’s injury is more serious than they think. In the event Cena is badly hurt, they best play it off as a result of Punk and Nexus rather than have a redonkulously short job fest at the Rumble, a la Orton/Batista at Extreme Rules. HHH/Sheamus II would be another great program. Let’s hope that the talk of ending Punk/Cena early is just that.

  10. Ronald B says:

    Barrett’s “feud” with Taker started when Nesux helped Kane beat Taker @ Buried Alive match. I guess Kane will be playing a small role on the story where he will blame Barrett for everything.

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