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WWE signs Awesome Kong?

– Awesome Kong posted the following on her Twitter:

“My dreams just came true today. I got my dream job. Yes, THAT one,”

This comes after reports earlier in the week that she had signed with WWE. We hope to have more on this soon.

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20 Responses

  1. DJ Reign says:

    Awesome Kong WWE Bound? I bet she be the bodyguard for Melina?

  2. Rex Anderson says:

    Lmao thats a sexy diva

  3. LayCool says:


  4. cas says:

    sounds cool…

  5. tommy says:

    wow the neextbseason of nxt girl…lol nah kong vs vickie now thats a match.

  6. kong says:

    So Burger King hired her as a taste tester?

  7. Bey says:

    Future endeavered in less than three months I’m afraid.

  8. chris says:

    Future Angles for Awesome Kong.

    She’ll be the next diva winner of NXT season 5.

    She’ll debut on Raw, get a better reaction than the Miz.

    Three weeks later, she’ll job to Eve.

    After 5 monthes of jobbing to every diva on the roster, Kong will be released, never winning the Divas championship.

    Hello, hasn’t she paid attention to how the E signed and then buried Monty Brown, Chris Harris, Low-Ki, and Lance Hoyt?

  9. IronHyde says:

    Some of you clowns are mean… but it’s funny! LoL! Seriously, though.. Kudos to WWE, since ppl (including myself) gives them heat about too much eye candy, & not enough REAL womens action.

  10. tone da tigga says:

    She will make more $$$$’s than the TNA K.O’s but I guarentee she will be buried & released by mid 2011…

  11. trypz says:

    I thought the slogan for WWE Divas was Sexy, Smart, and Powerful? But then again, I forgot Awesome Kong was a guy…

  12. Chris Lappin says:

    Wonder what stupid name wwe will give her??? lol

  13. -Jay- says:

    Hey SCSA endorses her, somehow I doubt WWE “creative” will find something other than comic relief for her…new love interest of Santino or Mark Henry.

  14. Damon says:

    Awesome kong vs beth phoneix will be a great match

  15. Ali says:

    She drew so well in TNA that Vince had to have her

  16. T says:

    What terrible gimmick will she have?

  17. Ryno says:

    Jobbing to a Bella (whom won’t be released) in 3 months

  18. Big Tony says:

    They need to match her up with Mark Henry, now there’s a cute couple.

  19. Lynn Angela Pisco says:

    I really don’t think Lay-Cool will ever gonna have Kong as their bodyguard anytime soon . First off, she doesn’t like to be told and u don’t want to mess with this powerful woman or else u might ended up as her ” latest victim ” on the list . So, I would suggest they should start praying for what’s next or this will be your last moments to returning into this very ring here in the entire WWE’S Smack Down itself . There’s only one thing that Kong is focusing is none other than ” WWE Woman’s Champion ” against Natalya whom thinks she can be beaten by her own game ! Better think again lady not this time u don’t !

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