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John Cena injured?

From Zack Fisher:

John Cena was involved in a cage match with Wade Barrett at the live Raw show. Barrett hit his finisher on Cena and he looked to have landed awkwardly on his leg or his knee. Trainers ran out immediately for a few minutes. Wade walked around to give Cena some time and walked close and Cena put a submission on him. Barrett tapped out instantly to stop the match. John Cena then cut a promo after saying he might have to take time off. He clearly could not put any weight on his leg.

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  1. Will says:

    Sucks this happened right after he started an interesting storyline.

  2. -Jay- says:

    Sux that injuries happen, but I guess the those who don’t enjoy Cenavison each week got their holiday wish fulfilled.

  3. Hipnosis says:

    Wade Barrett vs CM Punk Hell Yeah!! lol sucks cena’s probably missing mania this year…but great opening for Punk vs Wade. The NEXUS vs NEXSES

  4. chris says:

    This could be the best thing for Cena. The man has been working alot, and has battled through injuries for a few years now. Cena needs an Undertaker like (if not the length) vacation just to give his body time to heal.

  5. Heywood Jablome says:

    i wonder wat will happen now

  6. Daniel says:

    Good riddance. I mean injuries are no good and I do feel bad for him as a person, but his character has been over saturated on Raw for years.

  7. MiZery says:

    I personally would love to see Daniel Bryan step up against Punk, if WWE would let then do their thing it would be AMAZING!… But that might just be too much wrestling, and not enough entertainment for the E.. :-(

  8. dooman says:

    great raw should be entertaining again and i don’t have to turn the channel everytime they show,recap,or talk about this overhyped guy

  9. Anony-mouse says:

    Wade Barrett needs to change his damn finisher… It’s too damn reckless… I hate Cena and being Cena free for a while is a gift to me.. but with Cena out, that means that Barrett will start a feud with someone else and use his finisher on them and possibly injure them too.. he already did this to Mark Henry earlier this year.. Barrett is good in the ring and good on the mic as well, but that’s his one drawback.

  10. Czar of Wrestling says:

    THERE IS A GOD!!!!

  11. Carl says:


    of course there is a GOD. It’s JBL !!!!!!

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