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Update on the status of tonight’s Raw (Updated)


Ted DiBiase was asked about the status on tonight’s Raw with the northeast being pounded by snow fall. ”
Unlike NFL, we have no off season and we DO NOT reschedule RAW,” replied DiBiase via Twitter.

DiBiase was tweeted, “Guess who drove 10 hrs in this blizzard from Harrisburg PA to Albany? …. This guy did!! And now up doing some media letting you all know.. The show WILL go on!!! I had some near death experiences last night, but everyday we are more near to death than the last.. Enjoy this one. By watching RAW on USA! Just FYI, a 3 1/2 to 4hr drive extended to a 10 hr drive. It was bad. If you can avoid driving in it.. Don’t! It’s sooo much fun!!”



John Cena posted on Twitter:

CeNation. So much snow. MSG last night was unreal. We got stuck in the snow last night for a while but we made it to albany. Ready for RAW

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6 Responses

  1. Edifier says:

    What a great message, RISK YOUR LIFE WWE FANS! LOL… Don’t listen to this guy.

  2. Daniel says:

    LOL @ “If you can avoid driving im it, DON’T! It’s so much fun!!!”

    On a serious note, I admire the dedication of these entertainers and I hope everyone stays safe.

  3. Mark says:

    It might not be the best message, but fair play to em!! That’s dedication, especially when every premier league match gets called off because of snow, even when the pitch is clear!

  4. Sweed says:

    If someone die’s otw to this show because of a car crash or goes in the ditch and freeze’s to death, watch how fast WWE change’s their tune and goes into damage control. (imagine if one of the “WWE Superstar’s” died otw there last night) Anyone who gets any amount of snow in the winter knows that sometimes it just not worth risking your life on the road. The show may go on but if your dead u don’t get to watch it.

  5. N. Gaijin says:

    Damn… everyone is so morbid around the holidays these days.

    “Please somebody die so the WWe can be wrong about something… again!”

  6. Pieman says:

    As an entertainer on a much, much smaller scale, you never miss a show. It’s in your blood and that’s why you get out of bed every day.

    How can you blame WWE if someone dies because they don’t know how to drive?

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