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News on Michael Cole

– Dave Meltzer is reporting that Michael Cole has started learning how to take bumps and there are plans for him to have some matches as well as play guest referee in the future. Vince McMahon currently sees Cole as one of the top heels in the company.

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  1. AJ Starr says:

    So, first everyone says WWE wouldn’t be smart enough to put David Arquette in the ring…. wrong.

    Now they’re taking the worst “heel” in wrestling history, and going to put him in the ring?

    I feel ashamed that I spent 10 years in the ring just knowing Michael Cole is going to be passed off as a wrestler.

    WWE is dying a very slow death.

  2. Mimuran says:

    to be honest I think Cole has gotten enough heat against him to warrant giving the fans something they want to see…..and that is Cole getting his ass handed to him!

    We’ve seen it time and again with heels like Col. Robert Parker, Bobby Heenan, Jim Cornette, etc. They weren’t passed off as wrestlers afterward (Although Parker was previously a wrestler back in the day, and Heenan did a bit of wrestling in his early days)

    So I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Cole have rare appearances inside the ring, as long as his gives us what we want…..and that is seeing cole get smashed hahaha

  3. robert says:

    cole is going to be the next jonathan coachman

  4. JD Storm says:

    only Coachman actually had a personality. top heel in WWE my @$$.

  5. Hipnosis says:

    Pacman Jones as TNA Tag Champions > Michael Cole Wrestling

  6. jon says:

    So, first everyone says WWE wouldn’t be smart enough to put David Arquette in the ring…. wrong.

    uhh what the hell u smoking dude. arquette wrestled on raw, who cares.. he was actually wcw champ back in the day tho, b4 vince owned wcw. so like what are u talking about really.

    I think you need to chill the heck out, seriously,i think people who post on here realize that wrestling isnt a real sport, its entertainment like a movie, take it for what its worth. oh well, ehh except this movie u talking about, normallly its free on tv every week, u chose to or not chose to buy the ppv, u dont spend a dime.. why whine about everything? its sick, they dont owe u me or the next guy with a memory anything. THATS REALITY right there.

  7. Drew says:

    This sucks!

  8. Kobe says:

    All this means is that Alex Riley is going to be future endeavored.

  9. AJ Starr says:

    You marks are quite pathetic.

    Numbers are down, ratings suck, and the announcers get more attention than the wrestlers.

    They don’t owe us anything? Perhaps, but they’re also not going to make any money pushing a middle-aged announcer who sucks balls in the spotlight.

    I could go on and on about why marks like the few of you in here don’t know jack about the business, but it always falls on deaf ears, because you armchair quarterbacks think you’re more intelligent than everyone who has ever stepped in the ring, so you can believe what ever you want.

    I, on the other hand, will continue supporting RoH, TNA, and every other company who looks at their talent before a ring announcer who is always voted worst every single year by the fans.

    Too bad… so sad… get over it.

  10. Michael says:

    I think we understand this is “entertainment” but who in their right mind would believe Michael Cole wrestling would be any form of entertainment?

  11. Matt says:

    Correct all the way AJ..just like how they revitalized Nexus tonight.. and they been using the KING. They are running out of story line and angles and they are losing the fans ..

  12. Paul says:

    Well, hmmm, if David Arquette did it for WCW, then maybe Michael Cole will do it for WWE. Michael Cole… future WWE Champion. LMAO

  13. -Jay- says:

    Big deal, let Cole take bumps Vince is mentally gone, the writers are trash, and the top two heels on SD and Raw will be Vickie and Cole in a couple months…hooray.

  14. Riten says:

    Don’t Think Non Of You Are Getting It. Even you AJ.

    WWE, Is And Will Never Die. It’s To Big To Be Stopped. Continue To Support ROH Cause I Agree, They Are Underrated Talent. TNA On The Other Hand. Give It Up Mate, It’s A Bloody Joke. Last Time I Watched It Was When Jeff & Sting Giving The Bat And Guitar. The Rest Has Been Unwatchable. Much Rather Watch. TNA Fan’s Are Pretty Scary Lonely People. Look On Youtube. Seriously Type ”AJ Styles Licked By Crazy Fan”. That My Friend Justifies A TNA Fan lol Not Really But Still Thats Gotter Mean Something Right ?

  15. cas says:

    LOL! who really cares for one reason or another it will be watched…

  16. AJ Starr says:

    Hahaha… so you looked at MY DRAWINGS, to determine if I was a good wrestler or not?

    THAT is why you marks should keep your mouths shut.

  17. Czar of Wrestling says:

    Seriously Starr-child, could you say the phrase “marks” any more? If you’re online and use the phrase marks repeatedly it kinda shows you are one. Trust me, I know how you feel. I’ve been in wrestling six years now and I feel like I could help bring something about as well, but this isn’t helping.

    Try to understand that this is a time honored storyline of having a non-wrestling entity piss people off to a peak and them teach him to bump so he can get the bejeezus kicked out of him. To put in terms a ten year vet should understand, “Chill man, it’s all a work!”

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