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Update on tonight’s WWE show at MSG

from WWEUniverse via Twitter:

All WWE superstars that will be at the Live RAW Show tonight here in NYC, drive carefully and be safe.

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  1. Phil Parent says:

    Translation: You won’t get refunds, we don’t care if you die coming in.

    WWE would rather risk the lives of its fans, talent and staff in a snowstorm than refund the MSG gate, because ultimately, only money matters. Par for the course for a pathetic falling empire that’s finding out that blood makes lousy mortar.

  2. tG says:

    Wow, Phil, lighten up. You’re another “I hate WWE, but golly, if it weren’t for WWE there’d be no industry.” People can take the subway.

  3. Tom says:

    Falling empire? The #1 wrestling company in the world? Their #2 competition (by default), TNA, is lucky to do 500 at a house show. WWE does 5,000 easy. Must be a TNA or ROH fanboy.

  4. Sean says:

    That was actually a retweet of someone else. WWE didn’t actually post that.

  5. Tyler Roberts says:

    Paul-there is a simple solution don’t go!!! Don’t risk your life to see a wrestling event you’ll see on tv tomorrow night. that simple. They are risking the lives of the employees of WWE but really are they threatning a lawsuit if you don’t show up? I don’t think so

  6. Captain A says:

    Wow, what a morbid way of looking at WWE. Do you really think this is the only snowstorm that the staff and the fans have driven in to get to a WWE event? DUH…this is winter time in the East Coast. Snow in NY is like a bad attitude in NY. They go hand in hand.

  7. steve says:

    ahh people give it a rest. if wwe really ran this show, i’ll be suprised if they draw 5,000 or more. the weather is insane outside. plus most transportation has been canceled. and phil kinda has a point. when does wwe give REFUNDS? only thing that comes close is re-scheduling the show for a later date.

  8. blah blah says:

    Back in the when NWA & AWA did combo shows called Pro Wrestling USA they had a show at the Medowlands arena during a blizzard. Only about 100 people in the house but Flair,Martel,Gagne,The Road Warriors all still put on AWESOME show!!

  9. Sean says:

    I’ve actually been to a couple of rescheduled WWE house shows and each time they offered full refunds.

  10. grandpa says:

    Back in my day we’d walk fifteen miles in the snow to watch Pepper Gomez and Ray Stevens wrestle. These kids today are all sissies.

  11. Pepper Stevens says:

    RE: WWE MSG blizzard show
    Hi I was at the show last night & let me tell you it was pretty damn good and I am by no means a WWE mark. My friend got tickets for Xmas and I had to go being the best friend (and them being free!) We knew going in there was a blizzard but risked it anyway. We took the “awesome” LIRR and got there safe. The seats were great and the WWE did it’s best to cover for “superstars” that couldn’t make it.. Piper’s Pit was with Tito Santana instead of Sgt. Slaughter but that was ok.. We got a cage match, a street fight and a battle royal. The arena was surprisingly 1/2 full and loud. All in all good show. Our only regret was being stranded at Penn Station for 12-14hours! I hate the MTA and the LIRR

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