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No TNA Reaction In January

TNA Reaction is currently not on Spike TV’s schedule for the entire month of January, so the season finale on December 30th will be the final episode of TNA Reaction for awhile. Go to or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.

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  1. Jextreme says:

    Good, I hated Reaction…. It’s kinda cool for backstage stuff, but cutting off matches to promote the new hour sucks (especially to us downloaders/dvr peeps). If they want a 3hr show, do a real 3hr show, not a 2hr show followed by a 3hr clip show.

  2. cold says:

    I didn’t really watch reaction after the 1st few show’s. that stuff is only interesting leading into PPV’s and as backstage segments during IMPACT. TNA should utilize those show’s much like UFC utilizes COUNTDOWN to HYPE UPCOMING BOUTS and LIKE HBO DOES THEIR 24/7 SHOW, only a week or 2 before the big bout, Not Every week. All they do is recap what you just saw on IMPACT

  3. Hipnosis says:

    that sucks but it is a little too much. they should air it sundays before PPV’s to hype events instead.

    THAT or replace it with Xplosion

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