TLC: Sheamus vs. John Morrison (#1 Contendership)

Dec 19, 2010 - by Adam Martin

#1 Contendership for the WWE Championship – Ladder Match
Sheamus vs. John Morrison

Lock up and Sheamus with a headlock takedown. Sheamus with a big shoulder block. Sheamus sets up a ladder over the ring and announce table. Morrison dodges being tossed into it. Sheamus goes under it and Morrison gives him a knee to the face. Morrison then sends Sheamus into the padded ring barricade. Sheamus catches Morrison with a big kick. Morrison fights away from Sheamus and brings a ladder in the ring. Morrison starts climbing up when Sheamus starts pushing it over, Morrison jumps off and Sheamus sandwiches him in the corner with the ladder. Morrison with a springboard corkscrew dive over the top of the ladder crashing over Sheamus. Morrison is back up on the ladder, but Sheamus pulls him back with Morrison’s leg caught inside as Sheamus hits shots to the chest of Morrison. Sheamus pulls Morrison off, knocks the ladder over and Sheamus drops Morrison’s knee off the ladder. Sheamus mounts Morrison landing big rights. Sheamus then locks up Morrison’s leg in the ladder and Sheamus drops it down over the mat a few times. Sheamus grabs another ladder into play. Sheamus pushes Morrison over using the ladder when Morrison tried hitting a few comeback right hands. Sheamus then slams Morrison’s knee over the ladder in the corner. Sheamus starts climbing up the ladder and Morrison grabs another ladder tossing it up connecting on the back of Sheamus.

Sheamus fights back flipping Morrison over his shoulder using his busted up knee. Morrison with a drop toe hold sending Sheamus into a ladder. Morrison with a big kick to the head dropping Sheamus. Sheamus fights back hitting his backbreaker over a knee on Morrison. Both have ladders and connect with a charge. Morrison gets the better of it launching it face first at Sheamus. Morrison crotches Sheamus over a ladder on its side and clotheslines him over the top rope. Morrison picks up a ladder and tosses it over Sheamus on the outside. Morrison favors his leg as he sets up another ladder climbing up. Sheamus is in and hits a kick to the bad knee of Morrison pushing the ladder over. Sheamus dumps Morrison to the outside. Sheamus climbs up, but the contract is moving around. Morrison is back up with Sheamus. Sheamus is down, grabs Morrison, attempts a powerbomb, but Morrison sends Sheamus over the top rope to the outside. Morrison climbs up, but Sheamus pushes the ladder over again. Sheamus tosses Morrison over the top rope. Morrison grabs Sheamus from the ring apron. Sheamus with elbows. Morrison uses the ropes to push himself on the ladder with Sheamus. Morrison pushes Sheamus who falls back bending the ladder in half that was put across the ring and announce table. Morrison is back in the ring. Morrison is climbing. Sheamus is somehow rolling back in the ring.

Sheamus starts pushing the ladder back, Morrison hangs on, puts a foot on the ropes, pushes himself back forward and catches Sheamus with a huge kick to the face. Morrison climbs up and gets the contract.

Winner & new #1 Contender for the WWE Championship: John Morrison

After the match, we see a replay leading to the finish. Back live, Morrison is sitting on top of the ladder with the contract in hand celebrating.

A promo for “Legendary” and “Knucklehead” airs.

Backstage, Josh Mathews is with WWE Champion The Miz. Mathews brings up John Morrison become the #1 contender and wondering who will be the champion after tonight – Miz or Randy Orton. Miz said he doesn’t care what Mathews thinks. Alex Riley comes up with a briefcase with the WWE Championship inside. Miz promises to kill the legend of Randy Orton tonight. He asks for a close up because he will be the new face of WWE.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is trying to catch up with The Nexus. Wade Barrett brushes him off along with Husky Harris. Barrett and Harris enter the Nexus locker room to find the remaining members beat up. Barrett tells Harris to lock the door.

* The Miz defending the WWE Championship against Randy Orton in a Tables match is up next.

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