TLC: Kane vs. Edge vs. Mysterio vs. Del Rio (World Title)

Dec 19, 2010 - by Adam Martin

WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Four Way TLC Match
Kane (c) vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

Early on, Mysterio with a head scissors takedown on Del Rio in the corner. Mysterio follows it up with a dropkick to the face. Edge and Kane with a double big boot on the outside leveling both. Mysterio with a ladder in the ring. Mysterio reaches for the belt, Del Rio pushes the ladder over and Mysterio goes diving into Kane and Edge on the outside. Del Rio catches Mysterio with a big kick to the face when Mysterio enters with another ladder. Mysterio drop toe holds Del Rio into that ladder. Mysterio is sent into the ladder by Del Rio, Mysterio hangs on, turns himself around and hits a seated senton into Del Rio. Kane is in and tosses Mysterio into the ladder. Edge with a splash on Kane against the ropes. Kane with big boot to Edge into a ladder. Kane takes out Del Rio and Mysterio tossing a ladder at them on the outside. Edge counters a chokeslam into a DDT. Edge hits Kane with a ladder sending him to the outside. Edge dropkicks a ladder into Kane. Kane fights back sending Edge to the timekeepers area and big boots Del Rio in the face. Kane grabs a table and as he sets it up, he breaks part of it and throws the piece away. Kane sets that table up against the announce table. Kane chokes both Del Rio and Mysterio. Edge breaks it up. Del Rio, Edge and Mysterio all triple team Kane. Edge and Mysterio then double team Del Rio sending him into the timekeepers wall.

Edge sends Kane into the steel ring post. Edge sets a table up and puts Kane on it as Edge and Mysterio get in some big right hands. Edge gets back in the ring, climbs up a ladder and jumps off crashing through the table with Kane. Del Rio with a big kick to the head of Mysterio in the ring. Del Rio grabs a chair, Mysterio drop toe holds him into the ropes, misses a 619, Edge with a Spear on Mysterio and a Spear on Del Rio. Edge starts climbing up the ladder, but Kane is in and pushes it over crotching Edge on the top rope. Kane is tossed out by Del Rio and Mysterio. Kane fires back with right hands on both. Kane throws Mysterio like a lawn dart into the ring barricade. Kane has a chair and hits Del Rio and Mysterio with it. Kane misses a shot on Edge hitting a table instead. Edge with a Spear on Kane with an assist from Mysterio. Mysterio jumps on a table hanging that is part of the TLC set and takes out Kane. Mysterio bolts back to the ring. Del Rio is in with a kick to the back. Mysterio sends Del Rio into the ropes. Kicks Edge into them as well who returns. 619 on Del Rio. Attempts a 619 on Edge, but Edge blocks it with a chair. Edge and Del Rio are climbing up the tall ladder. Mysterio sets up a smaller ladder and knocks Del Rio off. Mysterio jumps to the tall ladder. Mysterio with a headbutt to Edge. Edge and Mysterio go down and hit the mat with force.

Hell of a bump there for both coming off the ladder. Ricardo Rodriguez, Del Rio’s announcer, is climbing up the ladder. Kane is in and Ricardo sees him. Kane with a chokeslam on Ricardo off the ladder. Kane with a chokeslam to Del Rio. Kane with a chokeslam to Edge off the ring apron and through a table. Mysterio knocks the ladders over and hits a 619 on Kane. Mysterio grabs a chair and clocks Kane with it sending him through the ropes to the outside. Mysterio sets up the tall ladder, climbs up, Del Rio is up behind him and pulls Mysterio down. Del Rio with his flying armbar. Del Rio breaks it when Mysterio taps. Del Rio smiles and applies the armbar again. Mysterio screams out in pain. Del Rio climbs up the taller ladder, gets his hands on the title, Mysterio is pushing the ladder over and Del Rio crashes and burns through a table at ringside! Another violent bump through a table. Mysterio climbs up the ladder again favoring his arm. Mysterio kicks him away, springboards off the ropes, but Kane catches him and executes a Tombstone Piledriver. Kane starts laughing and is busted open slightly over the top of his head. Kane starts climbing when Edge cracks him on the back with a steel chair. Another shot to Kane to the hip using the chair. Another shot from Edge. Kane rolls to the ring apron, stands up and Edge gives him a Spear sending him off the ring apron crashing through a table. Edge climbs up the ladder and pulls the belt down. Edge is a 10-time World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner & new WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

After the match, Michael Cole says Edge has joined an elite group by becoming a 10-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion!

* Cody Rhodes is on his way out…

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