TLC: John Cena vs. Wade Barrett (Chairs match)

Dec 19, 2010 - by Adam Martin

CM Punk is out to replace Matt Striker on commentary to join Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

Chairs Match
John Cena vs. Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett walked out to the ring without Nexus. Huge reaction for John Cena. Lock up and Cena pushes Barrett to the corner. Cena with a big takedown into a headlock.

Cena with a shoulder block and Barrett bails. Cena goes after him and they grapple around the ringside area. Barrett drops Cena with a big right hand. Barrett has a steel chair. Barrett misses a shot on Cena hitting the announce table. Another miss by Barrett hitting the steel ring post. A third miss with Barrett hitting the steel ring steps. Cena bails, grabs a chair and is back in the ring with Barrett. Both connect and the chairs are gone. Cena charges in with big shots. Cena sets up a chair and executes a running bulldog over it on Barrett. Cena grabs the chair, but Barrett uses the referee as a shield to dodge a shot. Barrett with big right hands to Cena. Barrett with stiff jabs to Cena dropping him to the mat. Cena bails to the outside and Barrett chases him down with a steel chair cracking it over his back on the entrance ramp. Barrett grabs both parts of the steel ring steps and heads up the ramp. Barrett drops them, grabs a chair and cracks it over the back of Cena who screams out in pain. Cena fights back with a back body drop on Barrett over the top of the ramp. Cena grabs a leather chair on wheels from backstage, puts Barrett on it, pours water on his head and then rolls him down the ramp right into the steel ring steps that Barrett brought over earlier.

Barrett recovers dropping Cena and kicking him in the head. Barrett locks a steel chair around the head of Cena and sends him face first into the steel steps. Cena grabs his throat as Barrett tosses him back in the ring. Barrett puts a chair over Cena’s throat choking him sitting on it. Cena fights out of it, Cena with right hands and a flying shoulder block. Cena attempts a second flying shoulder block, but Barrett catches him with a steel chair. CM Punk adds, “We should dock Cena some pay for sleeping on the job right now.” Sounds like someone is a fan of “Blazzing Saddles.” Cena is back in the ring and Barrett gets his arms tied up in the ropes. Barrett grabs a steel chair as Cena is helpless. Barrett with a shot to the gut of Cena. Barrett leaves the ring and cracks the chair across the back of Cena who lets out a loud scream. Cena catches Barrett with a kick and fights out of the ropes. Cena plants Barrett with his twisting powerbomb and connects with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for an AA, but Barrett counters into a swinging side slam. Barrett hooks the leg and Cena kicks out after two. Cena gets Barrett down attempting an STF, but Barrett kicks him away into the corner where a chair was setup. Barrett hooks the leg again and Cena kicks out barely after two. Barrett grabs a chair, goes up top, jumps and Cena moves. Barrett makes contact with his ribs on the chair as he came flying off the second rope/turnbuckle area.

Cena grabs the chair, hits Barrett in the gut with it and then cracks him over the back with force! Cena smiles. Cena is up top with a steel chair and connects with a leg drop using the chair. Cena sets up the chair and grabs two more at ringside. Cena isn’t done and is throwing even more chairs in the ring. Cena sets up six chairs facing each other down a line. Cena has Barrett up for the AA. Cena tosses Barrett towards the chairs and connects with the AA. Cena covers Barrett and gets the pinfall.

Winner: John Cena

After the match, John Cena celebrates his win yelling, “It is over!” Wade Barrett rolls out of the ring and starts crawling away when Cena walks out stalking him. Cena cracks a steel chair across the back of Barrett. Cena follows Barrett and hits him over the back one more time. Cena then drags a platform over near Barrett and places it on top of him. A string of chairs are hanging above Cena and he pulls one down with force. The rest come tumbling down over the platform on top of Barrett. Cena grabs a water bottle, takes a drink and heads to the back as the PPV goes off the air.

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