WWE champ talks about meeting the “Angry Miz Girl”

Dec 17, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

In an interview with IGN.COM, the current WWE champion The Miz talked
about meeting the “Angry Miz Girl” backstage at RAW for the first time this
past Monday at the three hour Slammy Award episode. “That little girl
literally made my WWE Championship win,” he said. “When I got backstage, the
only thing anyone could talk about was that little girl’s scowling face,
being so mad at me.” Miz added that that is exactly what he wants from fans,
that reaction and the passion she showed that Orton lost when she didn’t
even know she was even on camera made his day. He explained how her dad
called a week later and said that she would be more than willing to come
back if needed so, “we totally leapt at the opportunity and took the reins.”
Backstage at RAW The Miz said that she was the shyest little girl and when
Orton came up to her she gave him a huge hug and was without words thanks to
being shy and nervous. “And then to watch her go out there and start
thanking her dad and her mom and her family. And then me, being the big
bully that I am, taking the Slammy away from her. [laughs]”

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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