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Update on Martha Hart’s lawsuit against WWE

It appears the recent case brought by Martha Hart (the late widow of Owen Hart) against World Wrestling Entertainment over the company releasing footage of Owen is moving forward. Martha is also seeking royalties on what has already been released. WWE and Martha attempted to settle the case out of court, but efforts were unsuccessful. WWE has filed a motion for January to dismiss the case, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Martha is no longer attempting to stop WWE from using Owen footage in future releases, but is now focused on preventing WWE from using the name Owen Hart on DVD covers or to promote professional wrestling.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Doesn’t she realize, she’s hurting the fans here? I mean I see her point to an extent but at the same time the fans want to celebrate Owen’s legacy and she’s not allowing that to happen. We want DVD’s, merchadise, him in video games, etc. to celebrate his legacy as an entertainer, wrestler and great talent.

  2. jayson says:

    tell her to get over it he also took that risk when he went on the wire if he didnt want to do it then i’m sure he didnt have to……..

  3. Kyle Christie says:

    Agreed^^^^ 😀

  4. raven12516 says:

    What a shame. Owen’s legacy is fading into obscurity because of her.

  5. AJ Starr says:

    How is it she has the rights over what gets released, when so many of Owen’s brothers and sisters are still alive?

    I mean, shouldn’t Bret be in charge of all this? How does Martha get all the power?

  6. twiztidtunes says:

    marriage trumps blood

  7. Xern says:

    Whatever…I just can’t believe the WWE’s Lawyers haven’t gotten this taken care of by now.
    My guess is that Martha doesn’t give a flying you know what about the fans, and quite honestly, she shouldn’t. Were just fans…She lost her husband and her kids lost a father. Her needs and demands FAR supercede ours.
    She has the right to not “get over it.” It wasn’t her choice for Owen to do that stunt; Nothing she said or did had any effect on the WWE’s descision to go through with it. That’s kind of a dumb thing to say.

  8. Kerry says:

    Wife/widow = next of kin, is why she should have the right to decide what happens or gets released. I kind of see her point of view, but I also think she is doing this for selfish reasons.

  9. micheal says:

    yeah bret can over ride her and married does not give her the right to say what wwe deos with owen stuff they have copyright on his stuff like picture and video of hsi matchs martha hart a loosers

  10. AJ Starr says:


    WWE can do what they want, it’s THEIR FOOTAGE. Owen signed a contract stating as such when he became employed with the company, and that is going to cause Martha to lose big time.

    Every wrestler’s contract includes things like; The WWE can produce any merchandise for them at any time, all the footage belongs to the WWE for their own use, etc…

    Martha can’t trump a contract Owen signed.

  11. Daniel says:

    Actually being a widow only lasts I believe 3 years legally in most states anyway and then you are technically nothing to them anymore, family is forever.

    In terms of what Xern said, you make a good point but she like I said before, she is causing his legacy to die and I would think letting him be celebrated by the people that loved the work he died for would make it easier to move on than not letting that happen. The fact of the matter is that she is just bitter and doesn’t want Vince fattening his pockets off of Owen’s legacy which as I also stated, I fully undertstand but at the same time she is denying far more to the fans than she would be doing to fatten his pockets.

  12. Mike says:

    The worst part of all is that the hart family themselves even feel like this is just her attempt at easy money. Honestly if Bret felt fine with it being used in the hart DVD considering he of all people was the most anti-WWE for so long he obviously feels that Owens story is one that not only ended too soon but also needs to be told and honored for all he did do both in and out of the ring to show how much of a tragedy it really was.

  13. Nathan Neumann says:

    There goes the possibility of there ever being a best of Owen Hart DVD collection released.

  14. Ali says:

    Obviously she had no problem with “The Owen Hart Story” dvd that was released. Oh wait that dvd was independent from WWE. Hmmm Seems like she has a vendetta against the very company that afforded them to enjoy the lifestyle they had. Owen was a couple of years from retiring. Not many people can just walk away from gainful employment at a young age like he was planning to do. His death was an unfoertunate accident, and there are people who loved him, and want to remember him. She should realize that. What an unfortunate case of sour grapes. How long is long enough for Vince McMahon to have to walk on egg shells over this? Seems the rest of the Harts have moved on.

  15. Saint Savage says:

    I am torn on this. I mean they lost their father and husband. They have to be bitter toward WWE. Why would they forgive a company after what happened?
    The wrestling side of me is saddened that all the video and certain accalades (sp) will never be seen. I wonder if his kids ever watch their dad perform on old video? Has this woman twisted them to hate everything their dad loved and lived. I know if there was video of my dad performing and entertaining the fans I would get bootleg copies, WWE DVDs or whatever and smuggle them in the house.

  16. Kerry says:

    “Hmmm Seems like she has a vendetta against the very company that afforded them to enjoy the lifestyle they had.”

    Also the company that got Owen killed.

  17. Hipnosis says:

    why doesn’t she just make money from anything involving Owen Hart? We loved Owen too and I’d love to see a DVD about him

  18. jacob says:

    What’s really funny is that Martha Hart made a comment in the press release when announcing the lawsuit against WWE that it traumatized her children to see Owen wrestle. Okay, I can see that, but I wonder what the mental images that the description of his death in the book ‘Broken Harts’ does to them though considering that she wrote the book and made all of the money off of it. Yes, she was Owen’s wife and I believe that she loved him but the fact that she even tried negotiating with WWE out of court says that she’s just looking to cash out and she wanted more than what WWE offered.

    It happened 11 years ago, as Owen once said ‘Enough is enough, and it’s time for a change’ this woman shouldn’t be allowed legally to keep the memory of Owen Hart to herself to exploit however she sees fit when it conveniences her financially.

  19. Ryno says:

    Yeah guys please tell her to just “get over it” when she lost the love of her life and the father of her children because the company and those involved did not take the necessary precautions to make sure Owen was safe during the stunt.

    Yes please continue to tell her to “move on!” “You’re hurting the fans!” Not a single one of you adolescent or teenage wrestling fans can even begin to understand how badly she was hurt and how badly she continues to hurt seeing her husband glorified by the same company that essentially ended his life.

    On a side note I am a big fan of Owen Hart and what he did for the World Wrestling Federation; however that does not take away from the tragic event that happened. You guys need to understand.. I watched Over The Edge.. the panic and hardhitting news of Owen’s death was public to MILLIONS (well.. maybe not MILLIONS!)

    The internet is a terrible place to turn to as a moral compass as well. With the introduction of Youtube and other media sites, Owen’s fall has been joked about and faked in different footage.. So your pleas of “get over it!” “Think of the fans!” are going to fall on deaf ears (or blind eyes..)

    She is going to court and is changing the severity of the lawsuit; be happy for that. Owen will have his place in WWE history now. Get over it.

  20. Ilove2blaze says:

    ^ Must be martha’s lawyer lol

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