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Main event changed for TLC (SPOILER)

– At tonight’s Smackdown tapings the main event for Sunday’s TLC PPV was changed. Kane will now defend his World Heavyweight Title in a Fatal 4 Way TLC match vs Edge, Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio.

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  1. Steven says:

    Whats the reason for this?????

  2. squaredcircle says:

    Probably changed it because of Rey’s injury (or whatever is going with him). They probably though this would be easier on him thsn a one on one match with Del Rio.

  3. Joshua Shaver says:

    I feel that the behind scenes saw that with Cena-Barrett a Chairs Match that only one chairs match would be needed. Plus, back in 2006 at No Mercy the main event was Booker T-Bobby Lashley and was changed to Finlay-Batista-Lashley-Booker T to have a more prestigest main event for the card. Kane and Edge would have been awesome, but a shore main event I would expect and the chemistry in the ring from Edge and KLane showed to be aweful I thought at Survivor Series. By Adding Mysterio and Del Rio, I feel will liven the match up and make it much more interesting for every one.

  4. IronHyde says:

    If Del Rio wins, I’m done…

  5. Daniel says:

    ^ Agreed and I was going to say something to the effect of what Joshua said. I’m sure it has something to do with the injury as well. Maybe time issues too because it seems there are a lot of matches and TLC matches, Tables matches, etc. tend to go longer than normal matches.

  6. James says:

    Del Rio is the best on Smackdown atm

  7. jayson says:

    edge should win kanes not as good as he was and rey should never be a world champ and del rio is good but it’s nt his time yet

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