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Video: Kevin Nash comments on Nexus


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  1. Kyle Christie says:

    That was some good stuff

  2. Russ says:

    The whole world thinks wrestling is trashy…and this is the perfect example. Getting sick and tired of burnout/drug addict/alcoholic shoot videos. Its becoming the root of the online wrestling community and its gross.

  3. MiZery says:

    What Jackasses… LoL, Barrett could work circles around both of them… I’m actually more interested in what he was going to say about Sheamus… Where can this full video be seen?

  4. King Tony says:

    are drunk/high/etc shoots now the rage or something? wtf is wrong with these people

  5. Adam says:

    I guess when WWE starts putting over guys who can do more then punches, elbow strike and side slam people start to get upset…

  6. Sir says:

    I enjoy Kevin Nash, there’s definitely a role for him in today’s product. Commentary booth, manager, bodyguard etc…

  7. J-Rip says:

    I personally want too see Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman show and smack the piss out of Nexus…

  8. ItsAdamCopeland says:

    I see sleazy shoot videos from bitter, burnout, alcoholic/drug addicts are still all the rage in the IWC. Nash made a career out of stomping on and holding down younger more talented performers… why let a little thing like retirement stop him? Anything to keep big Kev in some kind of spotlight I guess.

    Waltman parroting everything Nash says, cracks me up. I mean at least Nash had a successful run and was a big star years and years ago… Waltman’s just a guy whose been riding clique member’s coat-tails since the mid 90s, what a tool.

  9. Daniel says:

    ^ Agreed. This is seriously embarrassing for both of these idiots. The entire Nexus, even Otunga are better than these two guys have been for the majority of their careers and Nexus is just starting out. Nash is an idiot and Walman is an even bigger idiot.

  10. Denis says:

    A washed up and a never was running their mouths off. Nash, you suck. You never could wrestle. I’m no fan of the Nexus, but believe me, they are a ton better than either Oz, Diesel, Big Sexy, Vinnie Vegas, whichever persona you used. And Waltman? Give me a break! He should have been sitting on Nash’s lap like a ventriloquist dummy, because that’s exactly what he is. This was so embarrassing.

  11. jayson says:

    nash is a sorry old peaice of crap that should never be aloud back in any way shape or form into wrestling ever again barrett and even david otunga who has no wrestling skill at all have more then nash ever has

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