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NWS/WSU Results featuring Nunzio, Nikki Roxx, and more

from Kevin:

NWS Final Results From 2010 Year-End Weekend, NWS & FWF & WSU Notations & More From The Northeast’s Busiest Indy Promotion
National Wrestling Superstars and its Delaware affiliate Funkdafied Wrestling Federation, along with sister promotion Women Superstars Uncensored, ended the year with Sports Entertainment Group Inc. and National Wrestling Superstars L.L.C. with 51 contracted shows, down slightly from last year but an exceptional year for quality events that have risen far and beyond the norm.
On a down side, along with rest of the entertainment/sports industry in general, attendance has been down dramatically. a sad note as since the mat events themselves are so well received.
National Wrestling Superstars management will re-assess their future shortly, so be ready for a major announcement regarding 2011.
Otherwise, here are this weekend’s final results for 2010 (and happy holidays to all):
National Wrestling Superstars opened up their final weekend of wrestling action for 2010 with show #50 at the Flemington American Legion in Flemington, NJ on Friday night December 10th. Another light crowd for NWS, but the fans who attended were given plenty of reasons to smile, because the wrestlers and staff put on 110% as they always do.

* The show opened with Dapper Johnny Falco, Destiny and former ECW & WWE diva Dawn Marie all in the ring, with Dawn saying hello, Happy Holidays, and how nice it is to be in Flemington. Hasheem “Chemical” Ali, Brittney Savage, Niya. “Mr. Entertainment” J.D Smoothie, and former WWE bad boy Salvatore Sincere came into the ring and started putting down the fans, telling Dawn what a has been she’s been, and she’d better stay out of their way tonight. Commissioner Gino Moore (who was also doing sound that night) stood up and told Sal that everyone had matches, but he’d seen him in the past and warned him to stay away from ringside or he would be suspended and not get paid.

* Match #1: Alex Payne defeated Frightmare and “The White Urkel” B. Fehrm in a three-way dance after Smoothie interfered after Frightmare eliminated Fehrm, causing Frightmare to lose to Payne, who was ecstatic with Smoothie, causing Commish Gino Moore to set up a three-way dance between Frightmare and Payne and Smoothie at the first show of 2011, January 28th in Manville, NJ.

* Match #2: Former WWE developmental star Pat “The Buck Stops Here” Buck and Danny Inferno went to a fifteen-minute draw. The fans demanded five more minutes and at the two-minute mark, Inferno tapped out to an arm bar by Pat Buck.

* Match #3 saw former WWE & WCW star “America’s Hero” The Patriot (with manager Dawn Marie) battle Hasheem “Chemical” Ali (with manager Brittney Savage). Brittney called out almost the entire locker room when it looked like Patriot was going to win, for a big beat-down on Patriot. Dawn Marie, beside herself, went looking for help but was chased out of the locker room by The Nigerian Nightmares (Ma-Fu & La-Fu), who looked like they were going to join in the melee on Patriot, but surprised all by clearing the ring and helping Patriot to his feet. The bout was ruled a double-disqualification.

* Match #4 saw NWS Tag-Team Champions The Jersey Shore Jocks (Mike Dennis & Chris D’Andrea) & Marti Bell defeat Jumping Joey Janela & “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans & Niya, when Belle pinned Naya while the Jocks and Oceans/Janela battled all around the building.

* Match #5 (with special guest referee Dawn Marie) saw The Nigerian Nightmares (Ma-Fu & La-Fu, with Voodoo Princess Sheeta) defeat Salvatore Sincere & J.D. Smoothie (managed by Brittney Savage).

Saturday night December 11th, National Wrestling Superstars closed out 2010 and ushered in the holiday season on a definite high note, as they teamed up with sister all-ladies promotion Women Superstars Uncensored for “Alicia Vs. Roxx II” at the Dunellen, NJ Knights of Columbus Hall. A hot Saturday night crowd surrounded the ring and cheered on their favorite guys and gals as a great time was had by all.

* The evening was co-hosted by NWS ring announcer Johnny Falco and WSU ring announcer Destiny.

* WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage, sidelined with an arm injury, came out and spread her own version of holiday cheer by insulting the crowd, then sat at the broadcast table to provide color commentary.

* WSU “All Guts No Glory” Champion Angel Orsini came out for her scheduled title defense against Athena. Angel announced to the crowd that Athena wasn’t in the building, but still wanted to defend her title tonight, and issued an open challenge for anyone in the locker room to come out and take her on. Cosmo Club member “The Boy Diva” Rick Cataldo came out and said that he was without a match as well, as his scheduled opponent Melissa Coates wasn’t in the building either, so he wanted to challenge Angel for the belt.

* MATCH #1 – WSU “ALL GUTS NO GLORY” TITLE MATCH: Angel Orsini (champion) vs. Rick Cataldo:
After about thirty seconds of the two exchanging slaps back and forth, with Cataldo’s slaps having little effect, Angel put down Cataldo with her Kiss Of Death finisher for the easy 1-2-3.
Winner (and still WSU “All Guts No Glory” Champion): Angel Orsini.

* Angel, having hardly broken a sweat, said that was too easy, and called out for a *REAL* opponent who would give her a real match. This time the call was answered by masked newcomer Jamila Craft.

* MATCH #2 – WSU “ALL GUTS NO GLORY” TITLE MATCH: Angel Orsini (champion) vs. Jamila Craft:
In a stark contrast to the last match, Craft proved a worthy opponent for Angel. as her wrestling skills and quickness matched up well against Angel’s toughness. But in the end Angel prevailed again, withstanding a devastating swinging neckbreaker by Craft, and hitting a back suplex followed by another Kiss Of Death finisher for the 1-2-3;
Winner (and still WSU “All Guts No Glory” Champion): Angel Orsini.

* MATCH #3 – TRIPLE-THREAT HIGH-FLIER SHOWDOWN: Unbreakable Andy vs. Aaron Arbo vs. Chikara star Frightmare:
Three of the quickest and most agile wrestlers in NWS provided the fans with a thrilling nonstop match in and out of the ring. In the end, after surviving a piledriver from Andy, Frightmare pitched Andy into Arbo, knocking Arbo out of the ring, then somersaulted in the air and landed knees-first on top of Andy’s chest, knocking the wind out of him and picking up the 1-2-3.
Winner: Frightmare.

* MATCH #4 – WSU TAG-TEAM TITLE MATCH: The Belle Saints (Tina SanAntonio & Marti Belle) vs. Jennifer Cruz & Myster Partner:
Marti berated Cruz claiming the Saints had already beaten her in their first title defense. Cruz asserted they had beaten her partner at the time, Jamila Craft, and not her, and introduced her new partner, Monique. Cruz and Monique fought well, but their inexperience as a team showed throughout the match, and would end up being their undoing, as a miscue between them caused Cruz to be drop-kicked out of the ring by Marti, and Tina put down Monique with a scissors-kick to the head for the 1-2-3.
Winners (and still WSU Tag-Team Champions): The Belle Saints.

* MATCH #5 – SUBMISSION MATCH – BATTLE OF FORMER TAG-TEAM PARTNERS: “The Definition Of Technician” Cindy Rogers vs. Jana:
These two former friends tore into each other from the start, with Cindy attacking Jana on the outside before the match even started and slapping a Sharpshooter hold on her, the first of endless submission attempts by both ladies. Cindy’s quickness dominated early, but Jana’s toughness allowed her to withstand Cindy’s Texas Cloverleaf around the ringpost and upside down Figure-Four leglock. Jana reversed the leglock into a Kurt Angle-style ankle lock of her own, and then an armbar, but Cindy would not give in either. After Jana refused to submit to a waist lock submission attempt, a frustrated Rogers tried to bring a chair into the ring, but the referee would have none of it. Jana took advantage of the distraction to kick Cindy in the gut and roll her up into a JanaVice. Cindy tried to hold on but the pain was too much, and eventually tapped out.
Winner: Jana.

* Former WSU World Champion Alicia came out to greet the crowd and told them how happy she was to be back in front of her Jersey fans. She told the crowd that she knew she had been on a little losing streak as of late, and had a tough opponent tonight in former TNA star and WSU World Champion Nikki Roxx, but the losing streak would end tonight. Nikki Roxx herself came out and promised that she would be the one victorious tonight, and wouldn’t stop until she regained the WSU World Championship.

* MATCH #6 – SIX-MAN TAG-TEAM EXPLOSION: Mikey Valentino (making his NWS debut) & Jack Spade & Indian Chief Draven (with manager Romulus The Great) vs. The Nigerian Nightmares (Ma-Fu & Ra-Fu & La-Fu, with manager Voodoo Princess Sheeta):
Romulus proclaimed that his legions would end the two-year undefeated streak of the Nightmares. He actually interrupted the Nightmares pre-match ritual, and when all three Nightmares tried to surround him in the corner, he pulled out a mysterious golden rope, and swung it back and forth, seemingly hypnotizing The Nightmares. Valentino and Spade and Draven took advantage of this distraction to attack Sheeta and toss her out of the ring, then blindsided The Nightmares. Apparently the lack of their religious pre-match ritual had an effect on The Nightmares, as. despite their more than two-to-one weight advantage, their opponents dominated them for several minutes, and stunning the crowd when Draven and Spade each bodyslammed two of them. But despite the biggest pounding the Nightmares had endured to date, their power eventually prevailed. La-Fu powered out of a three-on-one pin attempt by Valentino & Spade & Draven, reversed an attack by Spade into a Samoan drop, and tagged in the 550-pound Ra-Fu, who took out Spade and Draven, then all three Nightmares focused their attack on Valentino. The newcomer was totally unprepared for the onslaught as he was crushed by a Samoan drop and a series of legdrops, then what little life was left in him was crushed by a triple splash by all three Nightmares, as they piled their 1500+ pounds on top of him and got the 1-2-3. As Romulus berated Valentino for losing, Spade and Draven got in his face and blamed him for not helping when the tide turned, and pitched him into the Nightmares, who squashed him with a three-way Nigerian Sandwich. The Nightmares celebrated their victory by leading the crowd in a Nigerian Congo Line dance around the ring.
Winners: The Nigerian Nightmares.

* MATCH #7: Kristen Astara (the former WWE developmental star Krissy Vaine) vs. Niya:
Before the match, Kristen celebrated her “rebirth” and presented Niya with a pendant with some inspirational words. But Kristen’s skills of old were still with her, as she withstood Niya’s tough moves, and after ducking an enziguri attempt, she put down Niya with an uranage and pinned her 1-2-3.
Winner: Kristen Astara.

* MATCH #8 – NWS MAIN EVENT – NON-TITLE TRIPLE-THREAT MATCH: Former ECW & WWE star Nunzio vs. NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans vs. “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie:
This match was booked as a triple-threat match, but it became a handicap match from the start, as Oceans and Smoothie banded together to try and take out Nunzio. But Nunzio held his ground and befuddled his two opponents, and their one major weakness – their tremendous egos – caught up with them, as each wanted to be the one to get the pinfall on Nunzio. After Smoothie missed a running clothesline in the corner and knocked himself out, Nunzio went to work on Oceans, putting him down with a neckbreaker and a seated dropkick, and then climbing to the top rope and delivering a Sicilian Slice on Oceans. But the pin attempt was interrupted at two by Smoothie, and the two began working over Nunzio in the corner again. Smoothie lifted Nunzio onto the top rope in a superplex attempt, but the battle of egos struck again, as Oceans pulled Smoothie off and insisted that he be the one to finish off Nuzio, and Smoothie did the same to Oceans. The argument broke down into punches between the two, and while Oceans and Smoothie were duking it out near the corner, Nunzio climbed back up to the top rope and delivered a giant Sicilian Slice on both of them, covering them both for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Nunzio.

* MATCH #9 – WSU MAIN EVENT – WINNER GETS AN OPEN CONTRACT FOR ANY WSU TITLE SHOT IN 2011: Former WSU World Champion Alicia vs. former TNA star & WSU World Champion Nikki Roxx:
The two rivals got into each others’ faces from the get-go and immediately tore into each other. With a chance to regain gold in WSU on the line, the two veterans pounded on each other inside and outside the ring. Nikki held the advantage early with her quickness, but Alicia powered back with kicks and forearms, and seemed to have the advantage for good after a butt-first avalanche on Nikki in the corner. The match spilled to the outside and Nikki temporarily regained the advantage, and back in the ring she went to the top rope, but Alicia powerslammed her off the top rope. Nikki tried to roll up Alicia with a schoolgirl rollup and a handful of tights, but the referee saw the handful of tights and stopped the count. While Nikki was arguing with the referee, Alicia snuck up behind Nikki, seized her, and leveled her with an Alicia-Bomb for the1-2-3.
Winner: Alicia.

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