News on Dixie Carter, Dawn Marie, Dutch Mantel, and Jimmy Rave

Dec 10, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

– Dutch Mantel posted on Twitter: New blog posted My new book, TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD, is 336 pages for the WRESTLING ADDICTED. Check it out.

– Dawn Marie on Twitter: Come see me 2nite at the NWS event in Flemington,NJ. Belltime for the show will be at 7:45pm

– Dixie Carter posted: Potential future TNA Superstars have been discovered from our Gut Check workshops. Major Gut Check news coming next week!

– From Bill Behrens: The 7x Wrestling Show did an interview with Jimmy Rave from RPW this past Sunday where he was asked multiple questions regarding his career and what he is doing currently

Interview Available at:

On Whether He Prefers Being Face Or Heel: “I think I’m a natural heel so I much rather be a heel. For the sense of (being) a young wrestler, like I always try to tell people you know as soon as you get into wrestling that you should be a babyface because the heel is the one who really dictates the match.
Dutch Mantel used to tell me, well I was really fortunate to work with him in TNA and he used to tell me that a really good heel can walk out of the curtain and not say one thing to anybody and still get heat.”
X: Comments On JBL: “He just looks like a tool man, I would see him and be like, “Man, I don’t like this guy either.”

On TNA’s Current Product: “I really haven’t kept up with it in the last year or so, I can’t really comment on it, the only things I have seen are stuff with my friends like I saw the Beer Money/Machine Guns stuff, I saw Jay (Lethal) when he was doing the Flair stuff. I just saw the Jeff Jarrett MMA training video. I thought that was hilarious.

When they hire on guys that used to be in WWE and don’t develop their own stars it kinda makes TNA look second-rate.”

X: On Whether He Would Work For WWE: “I would definitely consider it, I think its everyone’s dream whoever gets into wrestling to be on that level, but it’s a matter of me getting back into the mentality of getting back on the road every week.”

Jimmy also talks about his TNA run, his ROH days, and what he’s doing currently in this 38-minute interview

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