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Wanted: Your Suggestions (hall of fame, awards, tournament)


We always value your input here at Gerweck.Net – and we need it specifically in the following areas:


Feel free to submit your suggestions for Wrestler of the year, MMA fighter of the year,Best of the Mic, Worst on the Mic, Jabroni of the year, Most Overrated, Finisher of the year, Female of the year, Tag Team of the Year, PPV of the Year, Worst PPV of the Year, Promotion of the Year, TV show of the year, Announcer of the year, Story of the Year, Angle of the year, Angle of the year, feud of the year, match of the year, worst match of the year, rookie of the year, worst wrestler of the year, etc. Categories and lists are being compiled, as the voting will commence soon! Send your suggestions to


On the heels on last year’s exciting Greatest Heavyweight champion tournament, we will determine the greatest tag team in pro wrestling history this spring. We are starting to compile the field of 64, so we welcome your suggestions. Please submit the ten or so tag teams that should be in the elite field. Send your lists to The more votes a tag team receives, the higher seed they will achieve.


2010 may be coming to an end, but we are always welcoming your suggestions for voting consideration for the prestigious GERWECK.NET HALL OF FAME. Send your suggestions to


The strongest contenders to be considering for the month of January include: Brian Pillman, Kevin Nash, The Iron Sheik, and Rob Van Dam. We also have been receiving votes to put Chris Benoit on Triple H back on the ballot for a second time. Neither received the required 70% vote total to be inducted, but both are eligible to be considered again.

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11 Responses

  1. haidar says:

    worst person on the mic – either hogan or cena

    best on the mic – michael cole

  2. JT says:

    why should RVD or Pillman be concidered for the HOF? What were there contributions to the sport?

  3. pimpen says:

    best on mic edge dummmest jeff hardy hofthe the miz just playing hes sucks shane o mac

  4. jess says:

    Greatest tag team the original hart foundation

  5. Drew says:

    Worst TV Personality of the Year: Michael Cole

  6. ak91 says:

    best on the mic – kane
    worst personality – michael cole
    greatest tag team – LOD/Road Warriors

  7. jonnyr says:

    benoit deserves to be in the hall of fame. he was one of the greatest wrestlers ever and NOTHING will ever change that

  8. Craig says:

    Wrestler of the year-Zack Ryder
    Worst wrestler of the year-Josh Mathews
    MMA fighter of the year-Lord Alfred Hayes
    Best on Mic-Ricardo Rodriguez
    Worst on the Mic-Ric Flair
    Jabroni of the year-The Undertaker
    Most Overrated-Darren Young
    Finisher of the year-The Cobra
    Female of the year-Angry Fan from Raw when Miz won the world title
    Tag Team of the Year-Charlie Haas and Mike Knox
    PPV of the Year-TLC
    Worst PPV of the Year-Royal Rumble
    Promotion of the Year-XFL
    TV show of the year-ECW
    Announcer of the year-Michael Cole (duh)
    Story of the Year-Alex Riley (D.U.I)
    Angle of the year-Kurt
    Feud of the year-The Bella Twins
    Match of the year-DX & Hornswoggle vs. John Heder, Big Show & The Miz (July 29, 2010 Raw)
    Worst match of the year-Shawn Michaels defeats The Undertaker (Wrestlemania 26)
    Rookie of the year-Jack Swagger’s Eagle

  9. Eric says:

    in response to Craig
    those have to be the stupidest suggestions i have ever heard of. If Robbie e doesnt get jabroni of the year it should be you!!

  10. Craig says:

    in response to Eric
    wow you have GOT to be kidding! yea that was sort of the point idiot. ever heard of something called a “JOKE”? o_O

  11. J-Rip says:

    Miz has my vote for Best on Mic

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