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Update on Foley on Carson Daly (Updated)

Mick Foley posted on Twitter: The appearance on Lat call with Carson Daly looks like it’s actually Saturday night/Sun morning at 1:30 am.

Foley posted a short time ago: After many a consultation with the TV Guide, it looks like Last Call really is Friday night/Sat morning 1:35 am.

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  1. Kobe says:

    TNA needs to sign Kobe Bryant.

  2. Eric says:

    why would tna need to sign kobe bryant? so they can spend more money that they don’t have on something really stupid. Jwow ring a bell? why dont they spend money on a new creative writer. that might actually keep people interested in this horribly mislead company

  3. Um says:

    JWow, stupid as she was, gave them enough interest to get the best rating they’d had since Hogan debuted. Still, I agree Kobe would be a waste.

  4. Kobe says:

    Kobe would be a huge draw.

  5. Mimuran says:

    LOL @ the “TNA needs to sign Kobe Bryant” LOL!!!!!
    if the planets aligned, frogs began to fall from the earth, pigs flew, and Kobe Bryant went to TNA we would see the highest rated episode of wrestling ever, let alone TNA hahaha

  6. Lebron says:

    No they need to sign LeBron. He’d be a wicked good heel world champ.

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