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News on Melina

– Dave Meltzer is reporting that the current plan calls for Melina to turn heel at some point and feud with Natalya. Melina was said to be unhappy about this and got some heat backstage for expressing her disinterest in turning. The previously planned idea of putting Melina back with John Morrison has been scrapped.

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  1. Jerry says:

    The shouldn’t of scrapped the reunion of Melina & Morrison that could have really been good

  2. Paul says:

    Why scrap the reunion of John Morrison and Melina? They’ve been doing a few backstage segments between the two of them a few weeks ago, now they want to shelf the reunion just to turn Melina heel to feud with Natalya? Why can’t Natalya feud with Alicia Fox or Maryse. As far as I can tell, Natalya has never faced either of them in singles matches since she turned face. Plus why doesn’t WWE reunite Morrison with Melina then bring Joey Mercury back with them to reform MNM (M&Ms=Morrison/Mercury/Melina) and give the tag team division a shot in the arm? They’re really ruining both the women’s and tag team divisions.

  3. abcd says:


    It would not work to reunited MNM as they was Mercury, Nitro and Melina but now Nitro is Morrison they would have to be MMM which isnt as good as MNM

  4. Matthew says:

    I honestly don’t like Melina and her fake self. I couldn’t care about the reunion. I still remember Morrison from his tough enough days when he was an immature cocky punk. Maybe he’s different now, who knows. He’s a great performer no joke,but now that he’s face; he’s just John Hennigan. Morrison is long gone unless he turns heel again. At least he got his push as a heel.

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