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Any Wrestlemania plans for Batista, Goldberg, or Y2J?

– Despite dropping Wrestlemania hints online, discussions to bring Goldberg to the Mania are being described as cold at the present time.

– There has been no recent dialogue between WWE and Batista regarding a return and a possible match at Wrestlemania. The feeling that when he finishes his “Scorpion King” movie shoot, he will sign with Strikeforce.

– It doesn’t appear Chris Jericho will be returning to WWE anytime soon, and thus unlikely he’ll be participating at Wrestlemania.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. Hipnosis says:

    Goldberg vs Undertaker?

  2. tommy says:

    batista filming a remake of scorpion king as the rock dwayne johnson played him in the original

  3. MiZery says:

    After seeing this whole John Cena and Nexus thing, which was interesting until Cena was “FIRED”… Then it just got stupid, and seems really lazy of creative.
    I’m hoping for a swerve, and the reason Nexus took out Taker (Let’s not forget, or even better lets hope creative doesn’t forget Otunga’s “Threat” to expose why they attacked him during the buried alive match.) is because they are secretly working with Cena to end Taker’s Mania Streak… I’m just saying Cena versus Undertaker main event for Wrestlemania would Draw (Face vs. Face worked in HBK’s case so why not Cena?), let Nexus sit on the back burner until Mania, then have them come out and assist Cena for the “Shock” finish… This leaves Taker with a reason to “return” if so desired down the road…
    I would love to see Goldberg at WM, but to take on the Deadman would make no sense…
    It’s all about making money, and I don’t really put a lot of thought into this business anymore… But this in my mind is the most logical, it’s an angle that can make a lot of money for Vince, give WWE a proverbial “Attitude Adjustment” and maybe get away for the PG rating… Lets face it even choreographed violence needs to be TV14 at least, and the Attitude Era was the best.

  4. Rick says:

    @ MiZery

    The Undertaker has already stated that when he loses at Mania, that’ll be idiot, he’ll retire. Personally, I think it’s simple in regards to what they are working on. With Nexus attacking Taker, soon a rivalry will develop between Barrett and Taker, thus leading to Mania, where Barrett (Thank God) will beat The Undertaker and retire him.

  5. MiZery says:

    Really?… Barrett ending Takers streak, I just don’t see it… But I guess we’ll find out… Every wrestler says they are retired, but if the moneys good enough he’ll return… I truly hope “idiot” was just a typo for “it”, because my idea actually had a little substance to it… as where yours makes absolutely no sense, Personally I like Barrett but theres no way he’ll end takers streak at his first Mania.

  6. Paul says:

    Who’s Batista?
    (Sacrastic question, showing how much I care if he does or doesn’t return).

  7. Shawn Michaels says:

    I’d like to see Undertaker retire undefeated at WrestleMania, personally.

    Ya don’t knock off JRs hat, insult HBKs chaps, and you damn sure don’t ruin the streak.

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