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Another Knockout gone from TNA?

– Dave Meltzer is reporting that Taylor Wilde’s TNA contract has expired and the feeling is that she is most likely done with the company.

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  1. Kerry says:

    They might as discontinue the Knockouts division.

  2. Kerry says:

    They might as well discontinue the Knockouts division.

  3. Ian says:

    The once promising then AWESOME knockout division has dwindled to next to nothing…why they are having a tournament to crown new KO titles is ridiculous.

  4. Darno says:

    Wow. That totally sucks. )’:

    I fear the KO Div. will quickly become TNA’s version of the WWE Divas with the relase/contract expirations of women that actually have talent.

    TNA mind as well call it quits. Stick a fork in ’em guys.

  5. Um says:

    If they’re getting rid of Hamada AND Wilde, they really don’t need a tag title unless they are bringing in new women.

  6. Hank Pym says:

    All that division is becoming are the “WWE Divas” as much as TNA like to throw shots at them…they have become just like the WWE, ordinary and awful.

  7. Wes says:

    To WWE! He new name will be Sister Wild Tailor Cage

  8. Hipnosis says:

    well…Shimmer sure is looking great for 2011 lol

  9. Um says:

    “All that division is becoming are the “WWE Divas” as much as TNA like to throw shots at them…they have become just like the WWE, ordinary and awful.”

    The actual matches are still usually a lot better than Divas matches. Shame about the cuts, though.

  10. DeathNote81 says:

    In respone to Wes:

    She could be, like Edge and Christian’s baby sister, lol.

  11. Stephon says:

    Oh well back to working at Sunglasses Hut at minimum wage in Canada for her then.

  12. sandy says:

    Daffney is gone soon also :(

  13. Dale Cooper says:

    If they release Daffney, I’ll really be pissed.

  14. tommy says:

    well daffney is on tv tomorrow night shre returned in the womens knockout tourney tagged with sarita vs beautiful people so obviously its bnot for while daffney nis still in tna

  15. Eric says:

    in response to stephon. why dont you show a little class? taylor is the best knockout in that division tna just doesnt know how to use their talent cuz its run by a bunch of idiots. sunglass hut? 6 bucks and my left nut she ends up in WWE or works the independant scene. her career has only just begun

  16. James says:

    I actually met Taylor Wilde when she was at a TNA wrestling house show. She was really nice.

  17. Thomas says:

    Well, if they release Daffney, the only KO’s REALLY worth watching will be Mickie, Tara, and possible Sarita. But you can’t build a division with only three people. I miss when TNA used to rock. It was better when the spotlight was on the X-Division.

  18. jayson says:

    tna is hopeless they cant write a storyline to save there lifes and they should have released the beautiful ppl there the one’s that cant wrestle bring back kong odb wylde hamada and they should bring in Mschif

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