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HBK responds to Hurricane Helms

Shawn Michaels has responded to Hurricane Helms bashing him. Michaels wrote the following on his Twitter page:

“Jus got bak. Wow u guys r fired up! Sorry u have 2 deal w/it. Don’t worry, I don’t. Comes w/the territory. I have zero desire 2 do the internet stuff other than corresponding w/u. U can make ur own decisions & I will respect them. May I now return to having fun w/ u all please. Life is 2 short 4 me 2 go thru High school again:-)”

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7 Responses

  1. Kyle Christie says:

    Lol at HBK’s reply to Hurricane

  2. kevin says:

    This for me confirmes what helms was saying, someone put out some pretty intense aqusations and he responds like a 10 year old boy….. so sad.

  3. Matt says:

    Based on the grammar in that text, I’d say it might not be a bad idea for Shawn to go to high school again.

  4. jon says:

    MATT,KEVIN: u 2 r losers. its pretty ez 2 c. all u do is sit bhind ur cpu desk and talk crap about ppl who bust their butts 4 u. get a life. because someone is using the internet language doesnt mean he’s a crackhead.. heres the weird part.. helms accuses hbk of all this yet he’s best friends with matt and jeff hardy, the 2 biggest addicts around. i wouldnt beleive a bitter hardy friend.

  5. Mimuran says:

    the remarks Helms said himself are childish. Borderline ignorant even, with his uneducated remarks concerning Hickenbottom’s hunting and religious background. Personally I think HBK took the higher road in not getting caught in any bs like that, he just simply made a passing joke to pretty much dissolve any situation (if there was any in the first place).
    P.S. We’re critiquing grammar on a pro wrestling site? Get over yourselves guys!

  6. pieman says:

    What did jon just say?
    I have never been a fan of HBK’s out of ring work or lifestyle choices but has had some of the greatest matches of all time. I have hated someone I worked with just like how Helms seems to feel towards HBK. The way Helms went about it was maybe not so good but he was trying to sell a DVD. HBK’s abbreviated Twitter reply was pretty straight up and it does show that he is clearly enjoying chilling out and blocking out all the miserable crap in this world.

  7. Helms=crap says:

    Helms is the biggest hypocrite. Initiate fights, gets caught with drugs, on the other manages a superhero. It is a big kid who likes comics (green lantern?). He does not live with his mum, just because his mother was dead.
    Well, he beat up a colleague who is not even a wrestler. I hope you read this Helms, because I’m already tired of talking about how such stupidity. You have no right to judge HBK. Think about your life. You know what, I will get caught with drugs at the airport and begin a fight, I also saw a vision, because it would make the green lantern.

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