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Update on Samoa Joe/TNA

To update Samoa Joe’s contractual status with TNA, TNA sources have stated that Samoa Joe signed some kind of a deal to work the Final Resolution PPV and the TV tapings this week in Orlando. It is unclear at this time if that deal was a short-term deal while both sides negotiate a new deal or if it was a new long-term deal.

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  1. haidar says:

    join the wwe

  2. Kyle says:

    Please Join The WWE

  3. Jsnwwf says:

    I HOPE he doesnt resign

  4. AJ Starr says:

    Are you guys high? Joe in WWE would be a disaster! You think he’s misused in TNA, just wait until Vinnie Mac gets ahole of him.

  5. Mike says:

    Go back to ROH!

  6. Bey says:

    I can’t see WWE signing him. He’s really out of shape.

  7. Dale Cooper says:

    LOL at people wanting WWE to sign him. They would debut him with a generic gimmick and a WWE-ized ring name, give him a lifeless midcard push, bury him after that push “fails”, forget that he’s even on the roster for a couple months, and then release him.

  8. jon says:

    for sure, cuz i mean daniel bryan and cm punk totally got stupid names and buried in the wwe. wwe would push joe and push him hard id imagine, would depend on joe’s attitude actually. dude’s samoan, vince loves samoans.

    really joe is being buried in TNA so why not if ur gonna get buried atleast make enough money so when ur old, u dont be hulk hogan.

  9. cold says:

    Joe-maga? Joe-Kishi? Joe-ku? Joe-Tu?

  10. jon says:

    daniel bryan = getting pushed and over and is US champ which in the scheme of things is bigger than TNA.

    CM PUNK = injured and former champion, money in the bank winner and all around go to “heel”. dudes announcing on raw right now, saying whatever he wants it sounds like.

    i dont understand this if joe goes to wwe he is buried talk.. if joe goes to wwe, because he’s just as good as his roh buddys there, he will also get the push. if u watch wwe, if u stand out, are different and can wrestle abit, they push u.

  11. Ronald B says:

    Samoa Joe to WWE = Epic Fail

    Remember Monty Brown/Marcus cor Von?

  12. squaredcircle says:

    Samoa Joe might be able to get a good push in WWE because he’s friends with a lot of guys in the WWE(John Cena, John Morrison, CM Punk) and On a twitter post Randy Orton made about watching TNA he praised Samoa Joe’s in ring work. Randy Orton and John Cena being the company’s two biggest baby faces have a lot of influence on who gets pushed and who gets buried, so I could see Samoa Joe being successful in WWE. However, more than likely Joe will stay in TNA and continue to job to guys like Jeff Jarrett.

  13. Heywood Jablome says:

    im sure smackdown would love to have him and i heard that him and cena are good friends in real life

  14. PS2kid says:

    Marcus Cor Von gone from WWE because of his family issue that render him impossible to travel along with WWE schedule anymore. He got a nice push back then in WWECW, even got a spot in Wrestlemania during his first year with the company. Had his family issue not occurred, who knows what kinda push he could’ve get.

  15. DeathNote81 says:

    Note to Joe: Go to the ‘E,’ and take Hamada with you!

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