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– Tara sings her entrance theme with Generation Me pretending to play guitars in the background. Mickie James attacks Tara but Gen Me hold her down so Tara can beat on her. Eric Young makes the save. Mickie then challenges Tara to a steel cage match.

– Backstage Bischoff is furious at AJ Styles for losing the TV Title to Douglas Williams. Rhino comes in and asks about getting a new contract. Eric writes “NO” on a piece of paper and gives it to him and Fortune toss him out of the building.

– Immortal comes out minus Hardy and Hogan comes out. Bischoff calls out Matt Morgan and says nothing will happen to him. Morgan comes out but stays outside the ring. Eric announces Morgan vs Anderson for next week with the winner getting a title shot. Morgan says Anderson is not cleared to wrestle. Eric says he will compete and if he doesn’t he will be fired.

– Backstage Brother Ray is with someone unknown person dressed as Devon. He says anyone can be his partner because he is the heart and soul of Team 3D. He slaps the unknown guy on the chest and he says Oh My Brother Testify”.

(1) “Team 3D” vs Ink Inc. Moore pins “Devon” with a neck breaker.

(2) The Motor City Machine Guns d. Gunner & Murphy on a DQ when Beer Money got involved in the match.

– Backstage Matt Morgan asks Anderson if he is going to wrestle tonight. He says yes and Morgan argues with him about it.

(3) The Beautiful People d. Daffney & Sarita in a tournament match for the vacant Knockouts Tag Team Titles.

– A casket is rolled out to the ring. Pope cuts a promo from inside and vows revenge on Abyss.

(4) Douglas Williams d. Abyss to retain the TV Title. Styles attacked Doug after the match and gave him a Styles Clash on the stage.

(5) Mickie James d. Tara in a steel cage match that was said to be very good.

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18 Responses

  1. haidar says:

    wow a diva mainevent that sucked

  2. jonnyr says:

    are you freakin kiddin me? a knockouts match main event? FIRE RUSSO! i can only hope they edit the order before thursday or everyone with half a braincell or more will turn impact off at least 15 mins early

  3. Ian says:

    give it a chance people if it is the main event maybe it is worth it. there are plenty of times when things sound like crap on spoilers and are awesome on tv

  4. Michael says:

    THi hasn’t ahppened since Lita Vs Trish. Don’t count the ladies out cause of the gender. I bet these women will pull out a great match. COnsidering the knockouts are getting the highest ratings of the show most weeks, it was a wise decision

  5. Dale Cooper says:

    Actually, knockout segments tend to get the best ratings on Impact historically. So I doubt having them in the main event will affect the ratings at all. If anything, it might bump them up for the last quarter hour.

  6. Frawmp says:

    They said it was a “steel cage match that was said to be very good”. Why the hate?

  7. Thomas says:

    Won’t say anything till I see it, when Lita & Trish main evented Raw I think it was a good match.

  8. haidar says:

    the only reason divas are on wwe/tna is because of eyecandy

    thats it

    if this is what tna can produce
    then vince please buy tna now

  9. jacob says:

    gimme a break. Fire Russo because women are in the main event? What a bunch of idiots. Yes, fire Russo for prominently featuring the top drawing entity in TNA in the main event.

    The reason DIVAS are on WWE is to be eye candy, but i auppose you would rather watch The Bella Twins wrestle than two talented women like Mickie James and Tara.

  10. Wes says:


    When your main event is a Diva’s/Knockouts match much less your biggest draw, yes, your federation is now considered a joke. I don’t have anything against the Knockouts or Diva’s, but they are not supposed to be your main draw. Why do they pay Hardy, Hogan, Bischoff, as well as any other “major” star all that money in TNA? To be mid-card fodder for a knockouts match? Get real. You will never see that done in the WWE, ever.

    Fire Russo and hire Paul Heyman and you will see a ratings increase.

  11. clyde wilson says:

    gail kim and kong main evented and it was highest rated part of impact for a long time……just go back to wwe if u dont like good wrestling.

  12. idontcare. says:

    you could tell there tons of people who don’t watch the product commenting. Only wwe fans refer to the women as Diva’s. I never seen a non wwe fan call the women wrestlers Diva’s. Tna is the only reason I like women wrestling. Just because the wwe think they should only be used for eye candy is play stupid. So basically when tna tires to be different they are stupid however when they tire to do something that is not different they are stilling for the e.

  13. haidar says:


  14. Michael says:

    Jacob……they have already. Just not in recent years. It doesn’t happen because the WWE Divas have no real stars with amazing skills and charisma like Trish & Lita

  15. Michael says:

    Sorry… I meant Haidar

  16. haidar says:

    i will never watch a diva main event

    y dont tna use there male stars like aj styles or anyone else

    tna is going DOWN………………….


  17. craig says:

    haider, simply, you are a sexist pig

  18. Michael says:

    haider: I guess we’ll see what happens when the ratings come in

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