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Poll results – Did MVP deserve a world title run?

Did MVP deserve a world title run?

* Yes (61%, 380 Votes)
* No (39%, 241 Votes)

Total Voters: 621

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5 Responses

  1. JT says:

    What did he do to deserve it?

  2. sob says:

    for real? i can name a few others that derserved it before him. i can also name a few others who have been champion that shouldn’t have been. MVP was misused but don’t think for a minute he was world title ready

  3. reyo says:

    For real. Jack Swagger was World Champion. Besides I don’t think it matters the World title means very little IMO and should be unified with the WWE title. I only see a handful of superstars on the smackdown roster worthy of being a world champion. Don’t worry people he’ll be a world champion with TNA. Because giving ex wwe stars the TNA World Championship proves that the WWE has inferior talent.

  4. sob says:

    just because of people like jack swagger? that’s your reasoning?? two wrongs don’t make a right reyo. if you start handing out world title runs because of what this guy got or what that guy got then it’s only a matter of time before every superstar gets a world title run. if the world title has little value is it fair to say that mvp has little value? think about it.. and if you agree then why should this guy be world champion. WORLD champion. i bet mvp wouldn’t be recognized on a busy street. can you say the same for hhh, austin, hogan, rock, lesnar, goldberg, hart, cena, savage, michaels, flair, undertaker, orton, kane.. the list of champions goes on and on. MVP =’d a mid carder with potential (who didn’t live up to it). maybe he was misused, maybe he was overlooked, but at no point should he have won the strap.

  5. jonnyr says:

    there are a few who have been world champion who deserved it less than mvp, such as:
    jack swagger
    the great khali
    the miz

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