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Another Jeff Hardy/TNA Update

To follow up on last night’s reports regarding Jeff Hardy’s condition at the Final Resolution PPV, the Wrestling Observer is reporting that he told management that he was suffering from exhaustion following the 20-hour mid-week flight back from the Abu Dhabi tour, on top of making a personal appearance. The TNA brain trust did consider taking Jeff Hardy off last night’s PPV show and strip him of the TNA title. One of the matches discussed as plan B was Mr. Anderson vs. Matt Morgan vs. Jeff Jarrett to crown a new champion, thus removing Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett from the card.

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3 Responses

  1. Zack says:

    I pretty much call B.S. on everything I hear from the Wrestling Observer.

  2. Paul says:

    Matt Hardy? Since when did he sign a contract with TNA? Besides, doesn’t he have a few more weeks left on his 90-day WWE release restriction from signing with any other TV-based promotion?

  3. derek says:

    @Paul where does it say nething about matt hardy at? this is about jeff. i think matt is coming but this has nothing to do with it. and i too call BS cuz he still has his drug problem. he left wwe bcuz he knew he couldnt handle it and TNA will let him do them as long as they get ratings. i still love jeff as much as the next attitude era lover, but he screwed himself over with is problem. he could have been as big if not bigger than john cena, and im a HUGE cena fan.

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