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12/5 WORLD-1 Results from Jackson, NJ

from Curt Lemon:

Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 “Shinya Hashimoto Legacy Cup-The Conclusion”
Knights Of Columbus
Jackson, NJ
175 fans (No Vacancy)

0. WORLD-1 tag team titles, V4 defense: Kid America (TWA) & Bobby Shields (FREE) beat Colby & Steve Corino (W-1) when America pinned Steve Corino to become the 22nd WORLD-1 tag team champions (13:13)
0. North American title, V2 defense: Adam Cole (c) (ROH) vs. Sam Shields (Symbol)-Draw (20:00)

1. Shinya Hashimoto Legacy Cup, A-Block: Kid America (TWA) [2] beat The Monster C (ZERO1) [3] w/Rob Dimension after the Uncle Slam (6:35)
2. Shinya Hashimoto Legacy Cup, B-Block: Sam Shields (Symbol) [2] beat Super Sweet (W-1) [0] after a Top Rope Clothesline (6:53).
3. Shinya Hashimoto Legacy Cup, A-Block: Adam Cole (ROH) [4] beat Bobby Dempsey (ROH) [3] with a Small Package Hold (8:04).
4. Shinya Hashimoto Legacy Cup, B-Block: Ruthless Ryan Sawyer (W-1) [6] beat Damian Dragon (W-1) [4] after The Ruthless Effect.
5. 6-Person Tag Team Match, Captain Leaves W-1 For 1 Year: GPS (W-1, Captain), Colby Corino (W-1), & Roxie Cotton (W-1) beat Reiko DMF (Symbol), Richard Guille…ESQ (Symbol), & Sumie Sakai (FREE) w/Denver Street (Captain) when Corino pinned Guille after a Shining Wizard (12:41). Denver Street will now have to leave WORLD-1 for one year.
6. WORLD-1 heavyweight title, V6 defense: Chris Rockwell (c) (Symbol) pinned Steve Corino (W-1) after a Jumping Flatliner (17:01).
7. Shinya Hashimoto Legacy Cup, Final: Adam Cole (ROH) [6] pinned Ruthless Ryan Sawyer (W-1) [6] after a Flying Cross Body Attack (12:59) to win the 3rd Annual Shinya Hashimoto Memorial Legacy Cup.

Final Hashimoto Legacy Cup Standings
1. Adam Cole [6]
2. Bobby Dempsey [3]
3. The Monster C [3]
4. Kid America [2]

1. Ruthless Ryan Sawyer [6]
2. Damian Dragon [4]
3. Sam Shields [2]
4. Super Sweet [0]

Pro-Wrestling WORLD-1 returns to Jackson, NJ on Sunday afternoon, February 13 with a 2pm belltime featuring wrestlers from both Pro Wrestling Respect and Ring Of Honor!

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