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Jillian Hall comments on her release

– Jillian posted the following via Twitter:

“Many don’t know the truth about my release, but the truth is I asked for my release a couple times before I actually was officially released,” she wrote. “No hard feelings towards WWE. This is just where I am in my life right now.”

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  1. Michael says:

    Too early to tell, but perhaps a trend is starting with wrestlers asking for their release. Jillian is the 3rd so far recently to publicly state she has asked for it.

  2. Danny says:

    GO TO TNA!

    She actually has great ring ability but was never pushed, she’ll probably stay in independents for a while.

  3. Bey says:

    She recently got married right. Might have wanted a lighter schedule so she could spend time with the new hubby. Or she could be pregnant.

  4. Craig says:

    lovely woman and she was very funny with her character tbh i rather enjoyed her character (guilty pleasure?) but she was annoyingly underrated! i mean she could’ve been a serious REAL contender for divas title instead of the glorified joke they made her to be, appallingly getting her first and only title shot after well into YEARS of being with the company,then in a horrible contrived segment (and because she’s “Jillian Hall”) is forced to *immediately* defend her newly won divas championship in a 1 minute squash to the returning Melina-who somehow automatically gets a title shot-?!(oh because she’s “Melina”..right) BRAVO WWE! well done..pff what a deliberate slap in the face. you would think they could’ve at least “tried”,god forbid, to work a program between the two,by having Melina just challenge for the title, and,give Jillian a legit, if breif, reign. THEN drop it at whatever the next ppv was (i forget), etc .. but i know, that’ve would’ve took a little more imagination on the writers’s part, and that’s just not their style- especially when it pertains to the women wrestlers and their respectful division- pity :/

  5. Craig says:

    “bitter”? who, ME? naaaahh.. lol

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