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Poll results – Which title belt is worse?

Which title belt is worse?

TNA’s new title belt (71%, 421 Votes)
– WWE’s Spinner belt (29%, 175 Votes)

Total Voters: 596

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7 Responses

  1. Teir says:

    WWE vs. TNA votes are always a bad idea here on gerweck. People are not objective. They vote in favor of WWE because WWE is all they know and TNA is the bad bad enemy.

    I personally like the new TNA belt. It has something to it while the spinner belt was bullpoop the day it was released.

  2. jonnyr says:

    agreed. all they see is wwe vs tna and pick based on the organisation. i like tna’s title because it is a personalised title for hardy and will be gone when he loses the title just like the spinner should hav been.

    i know i’m probably alone on this one but i loved the US spinner

  3. Anony-mouse says:

    Teir, you’re a clear example of a guy trying to make his opinion seem unbiased when it most certainly is not… personally I don’t like the spinner belt all that much but it’s damn sure better than TNA’s title.. TNA should’ve just stuck with their old belt, I liked that one… They might as well just call this belt the Jeff Hardy Championship Title as it’s clearly designed just… Now the spinner belt may have originally been designed for Cena, and I HATE Cena, but they made it so the belt doesn’t spin anymore so it’s not as terrible as it was when it first debuted… But seeing as how I don’t like the spinner belt anyway, I’m looking forward to WWE releasing their new look for the WWE Championship.

  4. kane says:

    spinner belt needs 2 go it spins no more which is dumb i liked cenas us spinning belt but have never been keen on the wwe one,hopefully the new wwe belt rumours will come true

  5. Justin says:

    TNA’s new “World” title belt looks like a women’s belt, I think that is why alot of people don’t like it. The spinner belt is a god aweful eye sore as well, but given the choice i had to go with the WWE title belt looking better. Like I said first… TNA’s belt looks too much like a lady’s title, and it takes away from the “prestigious look”.

  6. PS2kid says:

    Any poll comparing WWE vs TNA is not going to be objective. TNA fanboys will always attack WWE no matter what, and vice versa. No fanboys will ever admit that their supported product/company is worse than the rival product/company.

  7. Santo says:

    NWA Belt ^

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