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Matt Hardy’s second interview since leaving WWE

From Big Daddy Donnie:

Matt Hardy is on this week’s episode of Tha O Show
(, hosted by Big Daddy Donnie
& Dan-e-o and this week’s in studio guest – indy worker, Jewells
Malone.  This is only the second interview Matt Hardy has done
since leaving WWE (the first being Highway 2 Helms, hosted by his best friend
Gregory Helms).
Marty Garner AKA Cham Pain is the co-host of
Highway 2 Helms and has been a regular contributor to Tha O Show for
years.  Garner was on the line with Matt Hardy for almost an hour talking
about everything under the sun. 
“They’re [WWE] into this youth movement
thing, and it’s not a youth movement they need it’s a talent
Matt specifically mentioned people like Gail Kim
being misused and Christian.  He said that Vince McMahon may still be
holding a grudge against Christian for his TNA run, but the fact that he hasn’t
been crowned World Champion is an injustice.  Matt referred to Christian as
the best worker he’d ever been in the ring with.
“The John Cena thing really bothers
me.  You lose this match and you have to join Nexus.  He did that and
within 6 or 7 weeks he had an opportunity to get out.  So then people were
like oh man he`s fired.  I actually liked the first three quarters of his
promo until he started talking about Wade Barrett – the first three quarters
were very real, very sincere.  Then he shows up in the crowd [this past
week on Raw] he was wearing knee pads!  Then he jumped the rail and he time
to take his top off, go  to announcer’s table and take the monitors out,
and there was no security …. i mean … c’mon.”
Matt went on to say that Cena being on Raw this
week was likely a sign from management that they didn’t believe in Miz to carry
the ratings – especially with Orton off the show.
Matt Hardy also revealed that he does not have a
Facebook account despite the fact that there are several very convincing
There are also some hysterical road stories offered up by both Garner and
Visit Matt Hardy online:
Visit Marty Garner online:
Also on episode 196, Tha O Show was joined by
Canadian Hip Hop legend, Maestro Fresh Wes.  Wes is promoting his new book
“Stick To Your Vision”.  
The book is available in book stores
everywhere.  For more information, please visit:


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  1. Dwayne 25 says:

    I don’t particularly like Matt Hardy, I guess I hate him less then his felon brother of his.(Trust me, Jeff will be convicted of something big.) But he’s right about WWE’s “youth movement” and the Cena “fired” angle. WWE pushes those who fits their current product and those veterans like Christian and Gail Kim are only there to put them over. They don’t care about their past accomplishments. In many ways, WWE treats their talent in a harsh, cruel manner. The whole Cena “fired” angle is the way it is because even the top guy don’t have much input on his character and where it goes. Cena is the new example of a wrestling star, following every line scripted word for word as long as you have the talent to pull it off. Yes, Vince, yes, Stephanie, yes, Kevin Dunn, yes, Triple H, and don’t say no to nothing. Don’t complain, don’t try to add input or change it to your liking. Accept it. The Attitude era is over, this is what this company is really all about. Everything is taken care for you. Shut up, be happy, and smile to the kiddies.

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