Wrestling community remembers Leslie Nielsen

Nov 29, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

(Rest in Peace)


– Paul Bearer: So sorry to hear of the passing of Leslie Neilson. Myself and The Undertaker had the opportunity to work with him in the 1990s in the WWF.

– The Fink: RIP Leslie Nielsen, who passed today. Got to meet him at Summer Slam ’94; nice man. He was great in his roles in Airplane & The Naked Gun!

– Dolph Ziggler: Heard Leslie Nielsen has passed away, surely he is doing research for Dracula: Dead and Loving it Part 2!…..and don’t call him Shirley 🙂

– Dave Lagana: In heaven they are serving fish or chicken but one man is having lasagna. RIP Leslie Nielsen

– Goldberg: RIP Leslie Nielsen……..

– Tara: Leslie Neilsen will be missed. RIP He was one of my favorite actors

– Chris Jericho: “Nice beaver…” RIP Leslie Neilson

– RVD: R.I.P. Leslie Neilsen…probably the funniest man I’ve ever seen.

– Scott Norton: RIP Leslie Nielsen! I was fortunate enough to sit beside & chat with him on a flight from Tokyo to L.A. a few yrs. back. He was a class act!

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