Photo: “Juan” Cena

Nov 29, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE is advertising John Cena for the upcoming live events under the name
of Juan Cena, and noting that he’s the Mexican cousin of the former WWE
Champion that is supposed to be “fired” from WWE. It looks like Cena will be
sporting one of those Lucha Libre masks in an angle similar to what Hulk
Hogan did as Mr. America in 2003 on Smackdown. Cena is scheduled to wrestle
in fatal four ways for the WWE title against Miz, Barrett and Orton
throughout the month of December. “CeNation. Just received western union
tellagram via carrier pigieon from mexican cousin Juan. Apparently he just
got hired by wwe and would like me to watch his first match tonight in
salisbury md. I got nuthin but time on my hands. Ill be there,” wrote Cena
on his Twitter earlier today.

(Thanks to Colin Vassallo, Mike Aldren)

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