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Photo: “Juan” Cena

WWE is advertising John Cena for the upcoming live events under the name
of Juan Cena, and noting that he’s the Mexican cousin of the former WWE
Champion that is supposed to be “fired” from WWE. It looks like Cena will be
sporting one of those Lucha Libre masks in an angle similar to what Hulk
Hogan did as Mr. America in 2003 on Smackdown. Cena is scheduled to wrestle
in fatal four ways for the WWE title against Miz, Barrett and Orton
throughout the month of December. “CeNation. Just received western union
tellagram via carrier pigieon from mexican cousin Juan. Apparently he just
got hired by wwe and would like me to watch his first match tonight in
salisbury md. I got nuthin but time on my hands. Ill be there,” wrote Cena
on his Twitter earlier today.

(Thanks to Colin Vassallo, Mike Aldren)

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  1. Ian says:

    This type of storyline is so old…goes back the days of the Midnight Rider and Yellow Dog…guess we should have figured they would pull this with Cena being “fired”…oh well…this entire storyline was poorly done so no surprise they pull this out…Cena should have turned heel on his own way back when he lead his team to victory over Nexus at SummerSlam…would have been a great swerve and a great heel turn.

  2. Anthony says:

    If they do go through with this, and I hope to god they don’t, you’re looking at Juan Cena future WWE Champion. When he was a rapper he added the spinner. As a mexican, what will Cena do to the title next?

  3. Doink says:

    Sell it for drug money.

  4. Adam says:

    This is pretty dumb. If you wanted to keep him around it would have been easier to just keep putting him in the crowd, attacking Barret until Barret snapped and said find Cena, want a match, beat me get your career back, lose leave WWE and Nexus alone forever! They expect that we don’t remember Mr. America or something…

  5. Jose says:

    As a Mexican, I think this is the stupidest idea I have ever seen. On that note, he’ll do a Mexican hat dance around the title and, yes, sell it for a kilo of cocaine.

  6. dooman says:

    what about his french cousin “jean cena”? and i bet lacey von eric can out wrestle all 3

  7. Caylen says:

    I think this John and WWE’s way of showing producers that he would make a good superhero for a movie…HOW RETARDED!!!

  8. Walter says:

    im actually enjoying the storyline and would be something different for cena i know we saw hulk hogan as mr america but i think it will be ok thing is though does that mean john cena will put on a mexican accent??? lol

  9. Daniel says:

    oh god, WWE is so horrible now, the Nexus storyline had so much potential, but this?! Gees. They seriously need some better writers.

  10. Dave says:

    LOL at Doink’s borderline racist remark.

  11. kev-do says:

    they couldnt have cena leave just for a little bit? I thought he had an injury to heal from but now we get him as a Spanish superhero…great, but I do hope he does a Mexican hat dance around the title X)

  12. Bommaniac says:

    The wwe are thinking about the merchandise that Rey Mysterio sells with his masks and are thinking they can milk the same cow.

  13. N. Gaijin says:

    Seven year rule invoked, I really don’t see a problem with them doing the “Midnight Rider” thing. It’s just the fact that it comes after such a heartfelt farewell – that was just last week no less. More importantly, it takes what was becoming a really intense and dramatic feud, not to mention a HUGE heat-builder for Nexus (a real shot in the arm that the group was needing), and makes it comical.

    I really wish they’d have at least given this a few weeks to simmer, and the thought of Cena being “gone” to settle in, before they just brought him back so quick. I suppose they can still get this right, but I’ll reserve my full judgement until after I’ve seen how things go.

  14. Bey says:

    I thought this was stupid back when Brian Pillman got “fired” and became The Yellow Dog.

  15. blah blah says:

    Barry Windam was the Dirty Yellow Dog back in Florida Championship wrestling? Did they recycle it for Pillman?

  16. Adman says:

    I’d rather endure a Batista promo than watch a masked Cena (or an unmasked Cena)week in and week out til the Rumble. Cena should just “go away” for several weeks or keep doing the run in game til barret requests the RAW GM reinstate him. That gives the angle more credibility and less “cheese.” I get tired of WWE treating us likewe never paid attention before…

  17. Logan says:

    Juan Cena is my hero.
    G.I. Juan Cena, the True Mexican Masked Hero

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