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Final Pools: The GERWECK.NET KOTR Giveaway contest

We are going to be giving away three prizes Monday night, and welcome your entries into our King of the Ring contest. Similar to our annual Royal Rumble give away, we’ll pick twenty four names randomly for three pools. You can select which prize you’d like to win. Prior to Raw, we post names along with a King of the Ring qualifier. If your wrestler wins the King of the Ring tournament, you will win the prize for your pool. The prizes being offered are:

ROH’s Stars of Honors DVD – which features Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Matt Hardy, Mick Foley, etc.


1. Ashley Morris – John Morrison
2. Philip Vale – Alberto Del Rio
3. Matt Diaz – Ezekial Jackson
4. Kyle Christie – Drew McIntyre
5. Andrew Colwander – Daniel Bryan
6. Tyler Roberts – Cody Rhodes
7. Arturo Zavala – Sheamus
8. Jose Rodriguez – Kofi Kingston

Chasing the Grail CD from Fozzy – personally autographed by Chris Jericho himself


1. Daniel Crowley – John Morrison
2. Eddie Villalpando – Alberto Del Rio
3. Kevin Hull – Ezekial Jackson
4. Adam Halverson – Drew McIntyre
5. Dan Jennings – Daniel Bryan
6. Jessica Beauvais – Cody Rhodes
7. Sonny de Peso – Sheamus
8. Taylor Stiltner – Kofi Kingston

A copy of WWE’s Encyclopedia


1. Kevin Ramsden – John Morrison
2. Gary Pugliese – Alberto Del Rio
3. Guy de Peso – Ezekial Jackson
4. Mario Diaz – Drew McIntyre
5. Alexis Barreto – Daniel Bryan
6. Karen Herkert – Cody Rhodes
7. Seth Drzewicki – Sheamus
8. David Heinrich – Kofi Kingston

If you’d like to enter the contest, send your name, mailing address, and the prize you’d like to win to

Good luck to all!

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