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SPOILERS: Next four names for King of the Ring

Reported by Adam Martin of

Kofi Kingston, Alberto Del Rio, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes all qualified for next Monday’s King of the Ring tournament at the Smackdown takings on Tuesday night in Jacksonville, FL. They join Sheamus, WWE U.S. Champion Daniel Bryan, Ezekiel Jackson and John Morrison in the tournament.

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  1. Jema says:

    Hope daniel Bryan or del rio wins

  2. Ian says:

    The question is which one will be the new King and use it as a gimmick.

  3. tito says:

    give it to sheamus, the rest are only midcarders for now. give some credability to the king of the ring again.

  4. Douglas says:

    I have a feeling Sheamus will win the KOTR and use the gimmick

  5. Mike says:

    i think JOMO will win…

  6. Mike says:

    i see this in a few different ways… each guy could us this gimmick in different ways…

    Kofi Kingston could use this gimmick as a push toward the top… he had a great feud some time ago with Ortan AND the where did it go!?!

    Alberto Del Rio as far as i am concerned as no reason being in the KOTR Tourney as he is still involved in the feud with Rey… but then again this could be a good move for him to win it!?!

    Drew McIntyre could use the KOTR Gimmick the same way William Regal did the last time the KOTR tourney happened… More Power for the Chosen One?

    Cody Rhodes could use it to tag with His Brother Golddust… the Golden Rhodes or something like that

    Sheamus is one guy who i think doesn’t need to be in this tourney for the fact that he has been WWE Champion 2-3 time this year???

    Daniel Bryan also doesn’t need the KOTR Title he is already well known and the current WWE U.S. Champion and he has a on and off feud with the Miz

    Ezekiel Jackson could use it as a move up to the main event level

    John Morrison could use it to finally break through to the main event level as well

    all 8 guys could do some thing with this but we shall see…

    but my personal opinion is that either John Morrison or Kofi could benefit more from this gimmick…

  7. Shaw says:

    It think the good money is on sheamus because 1) He’s European. 2) It doesn’t look like he’s not gonna have a storyline until HHH comes back

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