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Matt Hardy discusses his WWE release in detail

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Brian Fritz on AOL Fanhouse is featuring an audio interview with Matt Hardy discussing his release from WWE and revealed that his release went into effect two weeks before it was stated publicly by WWE. Hardy also goes into detail about reports of being pulled from a Smackdown house show in White Plains, NY and why he failed to take part in a drug test that day.

Full interview:
Matt Hardy Opens Up on WWE Release, Why He Wanted to Leave the Company

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  1. AJ Starr says:

    So, you guys blame Matt for being misused and mistreated after over a decade in the company?

    Get over it, children, I would’ve left, too.

  2. jon says:

    matt was given chances to get over but couldnt.. dude cant cut a promo infront of an audience.. its one thing to do youtube videos but infront of 15000 ppl he failed, he couldnt get a reaction. matt didnt get pushed in wwe? my ass he didnt, he got pushed and like so many bitter ex wwe stars who got push a bunch of times and failed every time, the dudes just bitter and its obvious.

    wanna know why both him and jeff are really gone… cuz they are both big time drug addicts and wwe doesnt need that crap right now. for as much as people say wwe doesnt care about its wrestlers.. i call bullcrap cuz if they didnt, they wouldnt test them, they wouldnt fine them, they wouldnt get rid of them.. matt, jeff, any wrestler bittter wrestler ex wwe wrestler who got released.. they got released cuz as human beings.. they are failures. WHY PUSH DRUG ADDICTS.. u cant count on a crackhead.. matt, jeff… they will both be dead in a few short years. BELEIVE THAT.

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