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John Cena now a WWE alumni

several readers sent in: has now put John Cena on wwe alumni, to go along with wwe storyline.

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  1. Kerry says:

    How long will his being “fired” actually last?

  2. kyle says:

    probly tell royal rumble match

  3. Trivia247 says:

    This is such a trainwreck of a storyline. What this shows is that the Raw Anon GM is a Business Moron… An on Air McMahon recognizes how bankable the persona of Cena is on Raw. The Anon GM is proven to be reckless with a Total Money superstar. The Nexus storyline was interesting, until their numbers started dropping like flies. i’d like to see Tarver and Skippy back but guess not.

    At some point there will have to be some Storyline that will draw back John Cena.

  4. Michele Z says:

    The storyline of John Cena being fired is three days old. How can it possibly be a trainwreck already?

  5. Douglas says:

    This is some retarded crap, Everyone its “KAYFABE”. I think WWE is related to TNA in some ways.

  6. Anony-mouse says:

    It was a train wreck the second it happened because EVERYONE knows it’s not true… EVERYONE knows that WWE wouldn’t let go of their superman poster-boy…. I wish they really would though.. I friggin hate that guy… Either fire Cena for real(what I’d like to see), or turn him heel for a long while.. at the very least, three or four years as a heel would make things more interesting.

  7. moneyt says:

    Not a bad storyline it’s obviously leading to something bigger. Would love to see daniel bryan take the belt from the miz that would truly be Awesome!!!! I could see Daniel Bryan going heel before Cena. I just don’t see Cena turning heel. It’s just not believable IMO. Which would be a great set up Superman vs Superman for the wwe championship! LOL! I think the Miz is just being used as a pawn in the story line. Miz being champion is a bit of a stretch but he has been a consistent worker the last few years so why not. Only problem with miz being champ is how it went down Orton wasn’t hurt enough for the 3 count and the ending was botched IMO.

  8. xXGodRealmXx says:

    lol be funny with cena was the mystery gm lol

  9. jimbo says:

    anony-mouse you are an absolute idiot if you seriously think that cena should be fired just because you dont like the guy. the storyline might turn out ok you just have to get it a chance. next you need to stop acting like a 5 year old and give cena the respect he is due

  10. Daniel says:

    To make it believable they should have future endevoured him.

  11. Heywood Jablome says:

    hes prolly just gonna make another movie yall

  12. Drew says:

    Did we think John Cena would join Nexus? NO!
    Did we think John Cena would get “fired” from WWE? NO!
    So far this story has been interesting since it keeps us guessing. The only problem now is that EVERYONE knows that Cena will be back eventually… well, everyone except for the people that think Cena is secretly going to TNA, lol!

  13. James says:

    I was thinking he is either hurt or taking a break like Chris Jericho only still under contract or doing another movie.

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