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– We open with still photos from last night’s main event as the announcers talk about Cena being fired.

– Wade Barrett is out with the rest of Nexus. Barrett is trying to talk but the crowd is really hot tonight and not giving him the chance by booing and chanting for Cena. Barrett is claiming he was screwed last night because Cena was biased against him. Wade says he wants a rematch for the title tonight. The mystery GM chimes in and says that tonight Randy Orton will defend the WWE Title against Wade Barrett. Wade says he has allowed John Cena to appear on the show tonight one last time so that he can say goodbye.

– The King of the Ring tournament is announced for next week’s three hour Raw.

– Micheal Cole says he has a surprise for us and announces the newest member of the Raw announce team and that is CM Punk.

(1) Sheamus vs R-Truth in a King of the Ring qualifying match. Truth is back to his old ” Whats Up” theme. Eve can not dance no matter how hard she try’s. Punk is awesome on commentary. This is a good match. High Cross from Sheamus for the win.

– We see footage from the new John Cena DVD.

– LayCool are trying to get into the arena but security won’t let them since they aren’t on the Raw roster. Natalya shows up and security asks her if she knows them and she says no.

– Kozlov and Santino are backstage talking about last night. Santino says their loss has really depressed him. Tamina shows up singing and playing the guitar. Santino puckers up with his eyes closed and Tamina kisses him.

– Josh Matthews interviews Randy Orton backstage about the main event. Orton guarantees that Barrett will knock walk out with the WWE Title.

– Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio is announced for this week’s Smackdown in a King of the Ring qualifying match.

(2) Ezekiel Jackson vs Alex Riley in a King of the Ring qualifying match. Miz was supposed to be in the match but Riley said he is unable to compete because he is under the weather. Punk asked if Riley is under the influence with is obviously and inside reference to his recent arrest. Zeke wins pretty easy to move on to the tournament.

– Backstage we see Cena telling several Superstars goodbye.

– John Cena makes his way out to say goodbye. He talks about those who paved the way for him and how honored he has been to work for WWE, travel the world and live out a fantasy. He talks about his family and all the stuff they have put up with him being on the road. He says his mom’s birthday is in two days and he’s going to give her the best present she has had in ten years by being there for it. Cena want’s one last dueling chant of “Let’s go Cena” and “Cena Sucks” and the crowd gives him exactly that. Cena says he has advice for Barrett. He tells him that he peed in his coffee once or twice and to stop taking shortcuts. Cena says karma is a B*tch and it gets bleeped out. He says Kidman is having a fit backstage because he has already went over the amount of time he was given. He then thanks the fans and leaves. Backstage the Raw roster is clapping for him as he leaves the arena. Randy Orton shows up and hugs him. After he leaves the building we see Barrett walk into frame and do the You Can’t See Me taunt.

(3) Ted Dibiase vs Daniel Bryan in a King of the Ring qualifying match. One of the Bella Twins comes out with Bryan. Not much to this one as Bryan wins pretty quickly. The other Bella is out now as they seem to be fighting over Bryan.

(4) Natalya vs Alicia Fox. Alicia pulled a big hunk of Natalya’s hair out and now she’s mad. Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter and Fox taps out.

– Backstage Melina wishes John Morrison good luck in his match and slaps him on the butt.

(5) John Morrison vs Tyson Kidd in a King of the Ring qualifying match. Morrison wins with Starship Pain. So the four Raw entrants in the tournament next week will be Sheamus, John Morrison, Daniel Bryan and Ezekiel Jackson.

– We see Orton and Barrett making their way to the ring backstage.

(6) WWE Title Match: Randy Orton (c) vs Wade Barrett. Nexus is out to attack Orton before the match. They are beating him down in the isle way. Referees are out to break it up. Orton is favoring his knee. Back from a break it seems as if the match is on. Cole says that he got a text during the commercial break stating that Nexus is band from ringside. Barrett nails Wasteland but as he goes for the cover John Cena runs in a pulls out the referee and gives Orton the AA. Nexus comes out and chases Cena away through the crowd. Orton hits the RKO on Barrett and retains the title.

– The Miz is out to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

(7) WWE Title Match: Randy Orton (c) vs The Miz. Miz is working over the injured knee of Orton. Randy goes for the RKO and Miz blocks it into the Skull Crushing Finale for the win and the WWE Title!!!!

– Miz celebrates with Riley as the show closes.

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  1. toml says:

    Yeah – finally it seems that John and
    Melina have a storyline together.
    I mean in real life they are together again
    since 3 years.
    hopefully john will challenge the miz, the new
    wwe champion, for the title.
    and besides sorry but “the miz” is so overrated.

  2. Riten says:

    5 Year Old’s Should Not Be On Gerweck.
    1) CENA IS NOT REALLY FIRED(He’s Probably The GM, Think About It)
    2) Miz Being Champion Is A Good Thing, Please Piss And Whine That The Ratings Are Ganna Go Down. Cause They Aint!
    3)If They Want The Nexus To Be Believable Then Have Them Anniolate Again, People Said They Were Getting Old The 2nd Week They Existed.
    4) Wrestlings A Work, I Hate It When Fan’s Get ”TO” Into It.

  3. Nathan Neumann says:

    Is it just me or did they totally bury Wade Barret, I mean he had three matches for the title and lost them all and then The Miz cashes in and wins the belt granted Orton was injured when The Miz did it but I still think they kind of gave Barrett the short end of the stick. I am glad that the Miz won even though I thought he should have been the first guy to lose when cashing in money in the bank but all in all I am okay with it.

  4. N. Gaijin says:


    Well okay… that’s a for sure exaggeration. Still, it was definitely a candidate for best Raw of this year.

    First off, I’m surprised to be the only one so far who saw this coming. It was pretty obvious after The Miz’s Survivor Series promo they were going to have him cash it in soon, and when they announced there would be a rematch for the title, I already knew what was going down. I had actually anticipated the Nexus beatdown would come after the match, as they often do, but the way they handled it instead was way better. I admit I was hoping Barrett would be champion after last night, but after seeing Raw tonight, Miz as champ couldn’t be more perfect. The only thing better than seeing Miz as WWe champ: reading all the marks’ comments hating on him for it. Really though, it reminds of all the kids’ pouty faces they cut to after his title win… just AWESOME.

    So great to have Punk on RAW commentary “full-time” (i.e., until he finally rehabs his hip). My friends and I have been talking about his future as a commentator once he retires (which is hopefully a long way away) after having watched a few ROH matches he sat in on. He made the show that much more entertaining.

    Cena’s promo was definitely one of the best I’ve ever seen. I don’t just mean the best among Cena promos, it was just damn good in general. He really sold the “fired” stipulation, and him asking the fans to chant “right” was funny and oddly heartwarming at the same time. Just a very solid promo, one of the greats. I really want to see how they bring him back, and just what Barrett/Nexus are going to do since the title match at TLC is obv Orton v Miz now.

    The best thing of all: LIMITED SKETCHES! I don’t know if it’s related to the apparent terminations in creative or what, but it was refreshing to see a show that was almost entirely wrestling. Man, am I glad to finally say that! The only BS I can recall was the Santino backstage segment with Tamina, and the bit with LayCool trying to get into the building and the lackluster Diva’s match. At the same time, at least the Diva’s match was well… a match, and LayCool got turned down at the door. YES, no having to watch LayCool evoke the same feelings in me that having to shoot a horse with a bum leg does.

    So overall, solid show. It might be odd that I’m not fanboying on DBD like I normally do, but this is the one show that he wasn’t a highlight on. That’s actually a good thing too, the main event should be the most interesting part of a show – it’s about damn time. Oh, I’m also happy the King of the Ring is finally back, let’s do it every year again! Aside from the “meh” Big Zeke, this year’s tourney is looking good. So a note to WWe: DO MORE OF THIS!

  5. JDolbee says:

    I really hated Miz when he first came into WWE, but he has grown on me over the years. If nothing else its nice to see a new face with the title. Let’s see if they can come up with ways for him to retain the belt hopefully without having to have help from Riley all the time.

    Punk on commentary is golden.

    On a side note, would like to see a match (or a series of matches) between Morrison & Daniel Bryan. Not sure but I think they could be AWESOME (sorry)

  6. gobbeldy GOOKER!@% says:


  7. Taylor says:

    I knew Miz would cash in as soon as Riley subbed for him in the KOTR qualifier.

  8. Simon Poole says:


  9. Daniel says:

    I love the fact that Cena got storyline fired, I hope he is off TV for a while, and Orton’s knee “injury” should keep him off TV a while too. I want to see some fresh stuff. Miz as champion isn’t a terrible thing, but they desperately NEED to have a MITB winner NOT win the belt. It’s VERY predictable now. I’d also like to see an honorable MITB winner actually challenge in a REAL match, they’ve all been punk victories and that’s lame. Miz is okay IMO and I think a Barrett/Miz storyline could be good or even Miz/Orton I guess. Would love to see Miz/Bryan for the WWE title but may be too soon for that.

    However, I do think that Miz winning the belt right now is a HUGE slap to the face of John Morrison. He deserves so much more than Miz does and yet Miz is the top guy while Morrison continues to be treated like crap.

    Let’s hope WWE does the right thing and lead into a Miz/Morrison WWE title fued.

  10. Daniel says:

    Oh and one more thing, the Annonymous GM gimmick NEEDS to end NOW! It’s OLD and has been for a LOOOONNNNNGGGGG time.

  11. T says:

    I can only hope Miz is a transitional champion. I know belts mean nothing anymore but Miz as the face of the company? *facepalm* Why not just find David Arquette and give him the belt?

  12. miz = no-ratings says:

    On raw just officically became crap, a joke like the miz as champion…i mean come on, the dude has been given eerythink and hadnt earned anythink, the lad’s a loser…..just another vince goldon boy.

  13. IronHyde says:

    Thank you, MTV… Thank you for allowing Mike to “be who he wanted to be” on The Real World. Nobody took it seriously then. But your network helped pave the way for his exposure & popularity today.

  14. mmggirl says:


    There actually has been a legit title defense where MITB was cashed in. RVD challenged Cena back in 2006 to a match at One Night Stand. That was the PPV right before ECW “came back,” and RVD was WWE Champ and ECW Champ.

    I do, however, agree that a cash-in should end in a loss the next time. And there should be more legit matches.

  15. Michele says:

    I loved Raw last night. I don’t know why so many people are convinced that he is only going to be gone a short time. I don’t think he is done with wrestling but I do think he will be gone for a while – at least 6 months but probably more. I’ve seen John Cena’s acting and last night was no act. That was legitimate emotion coming from him. And getting the fans to chant Lets Go Cena and Cena Sucks was priceless. Cena interfering at the end was his last act of defiance but I don’t see him coming back next week and doing the same thing (although I did read online someone thought it would be great if Cena messed with the Nexus from afar – now that is something I could get behind).

    As for Miz cashing in the contract, I think its about damn time. I think he will do just fine as champion. He definitely has the heel persona down pat and his wrestling skills are quite good as well.

    I know everyone loves Orton, myself included, but how many times do the same people have to have the belt? I love Edge, too, but I’d like to see someone new with the belt on SD as well. Look at UT, he hasn’t consistenly held the belt in a long time and he is still very relevant. HBK didn’t have a title for a long time, besides the tag team belts, and he is still loved and adored. People like Orton, Cena and Jericho don’t need gold any more to be relevant. Let people like Miz, Kofi, Morrison, and like move up the ranks. If not, then wrestling gets stale and people will complain about that too. You can never satisfy everyone.

  16. cas says:

    pretty stoked Miz is champ! loved seeing all the disappointed faces in the audience…hands down the best way to reverse a RKO! love the fact that orton fought like a man the whole way. they should keep him out of action a while he was getting too fan fav, come back with his hair from his early years and be completely heel again! congrats to the Miz, don’t go getting DUI’s with your boy… pretty sweet action by creative, please don’t ruin it. Morrison wins KoTR and gets in the mix with Miz, R-truth has a case i think now. can’t wait to see how they play this one out!!

  17. N. Gaijin says:

    It’s unlikely Orton will miss the next PPV selling his “injury”. I don’t know how long it will go on, but The Miz cashing in on Orton is a first step in a rivalry between these two. Some may think it’s boring, but it makes sense for a first time champ like Miz to be defending against someone experienced like Orton. It’s far too soon for a Miz v Morrison, Truth, or Bryan for the WWe Title. The likeliest scenario will see Barrett being granted “one last chance” since Cena interfered in his match with Orton, making the match a Triple Threat between he, Orton, and Miz. I’d rather Miz’s first defense to be a singles match, but with Cena being gone for the interim, I don’t see what else they could do with Nexus in the near future.

  18. JDolbee says:

    I thought for sure Miz would be the 1st MiB winner to not win the title. Glad he won. Lets get some new blood in the title picture.

    On a side note, anyone else want to see a Morrison/Daniel Bryan feud?

  19. Ronald B says:

    I want to see JR, King and Punk on RAW.

  20. N. Gaijin says:

    Has anyone considered a Bryan/Kidd feud with the apparent heel turn Kidd has made?

  21. Mike Flyte says:

    RAW = RATINGS….. I like Wade Barrett and believe that he will be around for a long time. Cena fired!!! He is the franchise for WWE, so I figure he will be at RAW tomorrow night.

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