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Updates on the status of Sting and Kevin Nash in TNA

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While he has been gone since October, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that the expectation is that Sting will sign a new deal with TNA when they intend to bring back what has been described as “A-list” babyfaces to take on the Immortals group. Kevin Nash is also expected back despite stating on Twitter recently that he hasn’t re-signed with the company. Were told a deal had been agreed to in principle between both Nash and TNA. It’s possible TNA believed they had come to an agreement and Nash changed his mind.

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  1. Paul says:

    So I guess that means WWE can scratch Sting off their short list of those former WCW stars whom they intended to induct into the WWE Hall of Fame this year in Atlanta.

  2. Rex Anderson says:


  3. Will says:

    “A-List”? Sting and Nash? Seriously? I know this is nothing new in TNA, but why can’t Pope, Joe, Anderson and Morgan be the ones to fight Immortal? Or Fortune Vs. Immortal? Why does it have to be Sting, Nash and most likely Angle? Who wants to see Immortal Vs. Main Event Mafia? Ugh.

  4. Ian says:

    I have to agree with Will…why don’t they allow Pope, Joe, Anderson, and Morgan maybe with Angle in there as the one ‘big’ name in there to help ‘lead’ them and put these other guys over and as the future of TNA.

  5. Ed says:

    I met Kevin Nash last night at a indi wrestling show. Nash could barely walk. Nash’s wrestling days are over so unless he is used for his mike skils that’s all folks. Nash, a great guy. Nash gave a speech about how he didn’t like what Vince & Hunter were doing running the WWE. Nash thanked us fans for paying his bills over the years. Nash, said he missed working indi shows when he started out being a big man he got signed right away. They played the old wolfpac nwo theme. I used my old original nwo t-shirt as my sign he acknoledged it. Nash, mentioned his wife & that’s Chicago was one of his favorite cities. Nash, said he has an aunt that lives in Naperville. Nash, signed autographs & took photos with us fans. I was one of the last in line so I could talk a little longer then everyone else did. A fan asked him if he would like to be in the WWE HOF & I said well if they don’t they might as well close it. Nash, even although he got paid to be there is a class act.

  6. Travis says:

    @Ed…With old age, comes wisdom. He knows his career is virtually over so he wants to end it on a high note. Classy.

  7. Hipnosis says:

    im…..the person that wants to see MEM vs IMMORTAL….**cough**

  8. johnny b bad says:

    is just me or this “ed” guy talks like yoda from stars wars??? lol

  9. Matt says:

    Nash an A-List babyface?!

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