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(8) WWE Championship – “Free or Fired” – Special Guest Referee; John Cena – Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett
As a reminder, this match can only be won by pinfall or submission, Nexus is banned from ringside, also; if Barrett become champion, Cena is free from Nexus, if he doesn’t, Cena is fired from WWE. Orton gets a massive pop. Standard match so far, fans are firmly behind Orton, Cena is calling it fair so far. Orton begins to get fired up, he hits the scoop slam and sends Barrett to the outside, back in the ring Orton hits the inverted backbreaker but only gets a two count, Barrett takes control and hits an elbow drop from the ropes, Wade only gets a two, he isn’t happy with Cena, he then goes for Wasteland but Orton avoids it, Orton temporarily takes control but Wade soon takes it back and connects with Wasteland, Orton grabs the rope, Cena stops the count, Wade gets in Cena’s face and shoves him, Cena retaliate and shoves him back into an RKO from Orton, Orton covers Wade and Cena hesitantly counts the three! Orton is still your WWE Champion, Cena is fired.

– Cena is distraught at the result, Orton looks shocked, Cena takes the referee shirt off, the rest of Nexus runs to ringside, Orton and Cena fight them off, Cena retrieves the WWE Championship and gives it to Orton, they embrace. Orton ascends the ropes and celebrates his victory but looks back at Cena, who is propping himself up in the corner, Orton gives Cena the nod of respect and leaves the ring, Orton holds the title up at the top of the ramp and leaves. Cena remains in the ring, he takes off his sweatbands and places them in the middle of the ring, fans are chanting his name, he salutes the crowd and embraces Michael Cole and Sign Guy at ringside, he then walks up the ramp and looks back at the crowd, he points into the camera and says “Thank You”, he raises his arms and the fans cheer, he then decides to walk through the crowd high fiving everyone he can, he walks all the way around the ground level and comes out the other side, back on the ramp he once again signals to the crowd, raises his arms and leaves…

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  1. Daniel says:


  2. Heywood Jablome says:

    he will be bac

  3. kev-do says:

    I didnt see this coming at all I thought Barret would win then Cena attack Nexus and soon win the belt. Its hard to believe WWE would let go the biggest man with his merchandise and all the little kiddies that follow him. Maybe a heel Cena when he returns?

  4. Laycool says:

    A Cena-free atmosphere(:

  5. Sir says:

    You blinked WWE!

    Stupid, stupid, unbelievable story conclusion…

  6. Douglas says:

    Yea Cena will be back, I think The Raw GM will rehired him to get pay back on The Nexus. I also think that Cena, Daniel Bryan, Darren Young, and(Possible) Michael Traver may get involved and form an alliance, but I highly doubt it though.

  7. Terror says:

    Perhaps its the start of a non-PG era? Poster boy leaves, little kids leave. Come on WWE, time to bring it back!

  8. Brandon says:

    TNA now is your chance to pick up the hottest free agent available!

  9. Joe R says:

    So does this mean we still have 4 more months of The Nexus cutting the exact same promo about Cena?

  10. Michele Z says:

    I debated renting to the PPV but decided to because I wanted to see how this was going to turn out. I never expected this to happen. Cena started to grow on me this years but I wouldn’t call myself a fan. Still shocked to see him ‘fired.’ First HBK, then Y2J and now Cena. I think RAW is going to be hurting soon and Barrett is going to be hated even more than before.

  11. Paul says:

    Clearly, John Cena will be returning at the Royal Rumble. Last year Edge shocked the WWE Universe by returning at the Rumble and winning it all. If WWE keeps up with their repetitive booking techniques, we’ll be seeing Cena back in the Rumble, winning it, and then winning a world title at WrestleMania to cap off his return. It’s pretty much a guaranteed lock that Cena will be a champion again at WrestleMania.

  12. Terror says:

    Hey wait, maybe since he got fired he is technically still in Nexus?

  13. GS says:

    unless IF he go smackdown?!

    besides when they mention fired part like what only for raw or something?

    yet there were no mention fired from which show so what cena going smackdown?

    oops i found a loop-hole.

  14. haha says:

    a new era, cena heel, pg13 again?

  15. Antonio says:

    You guys cannot be that dense to believe John Cena aka the WWE’s cash cow is really “fired” and is a free agent. John Cena will return on some obscure rule/technicality, or will return with no explanation (remember WWE and wrestling organizations in general) believe fans are stupid and have short term memories. Another possibility is that John Cena returns, but not as superman/marine good guy. The PG era is here to stay for the time being, and it has to do with WWE’s license with Mattel.

  16. Anthony says:

    Welcome to Smackdown Cena. Now all you have to do is win the WHC. Taker come back just in time to win the rumble, and come Wrestle Mania when Cena finally faces Taker at the biggest stage of them all. He can beat Taker, and we can finally put an end to all this streak business once and for all.

  17. kev-do says:

    we can all hope…. but how r they going to pull it off?

  18. C.K. says:

    In case no one remembers, the stipulation was that if Barrett lost, Cena would be fired from the WWE. So, there’s no chance of him showing up on SmackDown! I only hope that WWE knows what they’re doing with how they booked the ending of the match.

  19. mongo says:

    Maybe a new masked wrestler will show up and destroy that looks like john cena but u can’t prove it until he is unmasked

  20. Walter says:

    im thinkin wade is gonna offer him a chance to stay in wwe if he can beat him at the next ppv

  21. matt norris says:

    wade did say cena if i do not win the title you will be fired on the spot well he didnt win the title guys think about what i said see wade said if he didnt win the title thats what he wanted he did not win the title

  22. Anony-mouse says:

    Cena isn’t really fired… although I really wish he was.. I hate his “Children’s Champion” persona….. But, he’s not fired.. this is just the way that WWE decided to give him time off to shoot his new movie for WWE Studios… they decided to make it into a story, instead of just saying they’re giving him time off…… Like the Undertaker recently… he had to get surgery because of injuries he sustained during a match with Rey Mysterio, but instead of saying “Hey, Taker needs surgery, he’ll be back in a bit”, they made a storyline out of it and said he was attacked over that weekend and was in a vegetative state….. So, in short, Cena isn’t fired, he’s just shooting a movie….. even though I really REALLY wish he was… I hate that guy

  23. Chris Lappin says:

    I reckon a masked man (Cena) will appear in the near future!!!

    People who lose these types of matches made returns all the time, i remember Randy Savage lose to the Ultimate Warror then returning to won the wwf title against Ric Flair the following year!!!

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