Nov 21, 2010 - by staff

(8) WWE Championship – “Free or Fired” – Special Guest Referee; John Cena – Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett
As a reminder, this match can only be won by pinfall or submission, Nexus is banned from ringside, also; if Barrett become champion, Cena is free from Nexus, if he doesn’t, Cena is fired from WWE. Orton gets a massive pop. Standard match so far, fans are firmly behind Orton, Cena is calling it fair so far. Orton begins to get fired up, he hits the scoop slam and sends Barrett to the outside, back in the ring Orton hits the inverted backbreaker but only gets a two count, Barrett takes control and hits an elbow drop from the ropes, Wade only gets a two, he isn’t happy with Cena, he then goes for Wasteland but Orton avoids it, Orton temporarily takes control but Wade soon takes it back and connects with Wasteland, Orton grabs the rope, Cena stops the count, Wade gets in Cena’s face and shoves him, Cena retaliate and shoves him back into an RKO from Orton, Orton covers Wade and Cena hesitantly counts the three! Orton is still your WWE Champion, Cena is fired.

– Cena is distraught at the result, Orton looks shocked, Cena takes the referee shirt off, the rest of Nexus runs to ringside, Orton and Cena fight them off, Cena retrieves the WWE Championship and gives it to Orton, they embrace. Orton ascends the ropes and celebrates his victory but looks back at Cena, who is propping himself up in the corner, Orton gives Cena the nod of respect and leaves the ring, Orton holds the title up at the top of the ramp and leaves. Cena remains in the ring, he takes off his sweatbands and places them in the middle of the ring, fans are chanting his name, he salutes the crowd and embraces Michael Cole and Sign Guy at ringside, he then walks up the ramp and looks back at the crowd, he points into the camera and says “Thank You”, he raises his arms and the fans cheer, he then decides to walk through the crowd high fiving everyone he can, he walks all the way around the ground level and comes out the other side, back on the ramp he once again signals to the crowd, raises his arms and leaves…

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