Nov 21, 2010 - by staff

(6) World Heavyweight Championship – Kane vs. Edge
During Edge’s entrance, he wheels a wheelchair out, but Paul Bearer isn’t in it! Edge has the psychological advantage, match is quite slow with several submission holds, Kane is screaming “Where is he?!”, the pace begins to quicken as Kane goes for his clothesline from the top rope, Edge however hits him with a dropkick as he comes off the top. Kane hits a huge right hand but only gets a two, Kane attempts the Chokeslam but Edge reverses into the Edgecution, Edge sets up the Spear but Kane hits a Big Boot, Kane connects with the Chokeslam but Edge kicks out! Kane signals the cut throat and sets up Edge for the Tombstone, Edge slips out of it and connects with the Spear, both superstars have their shoulders on the mat with their arms on top of each other, the announcer counts them down for the count of three, Tony Chimel announces Edge as the new World Champion, the referee corrects him calling it a tie, therefore Kane is still your World Champion. After the match, Kane attempts to attack Edge, Edge retaliates and beats Kane into the wheelchair, Edge then runs Kane through the crowd barrier! Edge leaves staring at Kane.

– Backstage Barrett approaches Cena, he reminds Cena it was this very building where the Nexus made their mark on history and laid Cena out, he says who would have thought Cena would ever be apart of Nexus and ever help Barrett become WWE Champion. Cena says he does remember, he says when the time is right, he’ll know exactly what to do.

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