Another Survivor Series PPV preview with predictions

Nov 21, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

The 24th annual “Survivor Series” is among us, and while the card came together rather late, it does offer a lot of potentially good match-ups. Here’s how the matches break down…

John Morrison vs. Sheamus- For starters, it’s great to see an outstanding talent such as John Morrison, getting the chance to work with a main-eventer such as Sheamus. Morrison’s a guy that has Shawn Michaels type quality, when it comes to producing consistently great matches. This match at “Survivor Series” though, will go Sheamus’ way, but a long term feud here could really boost the career of John Morrison. Morrison’s embarrassed Sheamus week after week, so the former two time “WWE Champion” is likely to go over.

Winner: Sheamus

“Divas Championship” 2-on – Handicap Match:
Natalya vs. Lay-Cool: Nothing much to say here. This is Natalya’s third opportunity at a pay per view, to win the “WWE Divas Championship,” and how many times does someone in professional wrestling get three chances at gold on a big stage, and not come home with the title.

Winner: Natalya

“WWE Tag Team Championship:”
Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater vs. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov- This past Monday on RAW, Santino Marella, and Vladimir Kozlov won a number one contender’s match, for an opportunity at the “WWE Tag Team Championships,” therefore, there has been zero time to build this match. Santino’s the most “OVER” guy in this match, and with his ability on the mic., his pairing with Vladimir Kozlov can make for some interesting television. On that basis, and given the recent spotlight Santino has been getting in his mini-fued with Sheamus, we may just see new tag team champions come Sunday.

Winner: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

“Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
Team Mysterio vs. Team Del Rio- The real issue in this match is between the captains. Everybody else here, is just here in order to be apart of the event, and to add a “Traditional Survivor Series Match” to the pay per view. Del Rio’s feud with Mysterio has been very well drawn out, and hasn’t been rushed. This has allowed fans to stay engaged with the storyline, and not tire of the two men always meeting each other in one-on-one match-ups. Rest assured however, when this feud ends, it will end with Del Rio, and Mysterio facing off for one final time. A team Del Rio win gives Alberto even more to boast about on “Smackdown” next week, so regardless of who the survivor’s are, this match goes to team Del Rio.

Winner: Team Del Rio, but you already know that.

“Intercontinetal Championship:”
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kaval- What an “IC Title” run this guy has had. Dolph doesn’t get enough credit from the fans when it comes to his in-ring ability. Night in, and night out, Dolph has delivered great performances, and his ability in the ring is very natural. This man was born to wrestle. It’s in his blood, and with the momentum Dolph has been gaining since winning the championship, Kaval will be another stepping stone for Dolph, at least, when it comes to their match-up at “Survivor Series.” One thing is for sure though, expect to be entertained for this one.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

“United States Championship:”
Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBiase- The son of “The Million Dollar Man” has all the attributes to become great, and better than his father ever was, but thus far in his young career, Ted DiBiase has yet to really find his niche outside of “Legacy.” For most of the year, his character has been very reminiscent of his father’s, which has prevented Ted from breaking out of his dad’s shadow. It’s time for the “WWE Universe” to find out what Ted Jr. is really made of, and he needs that “United States Championship” right now, far more than Daniel Bryan does. Ted needs it to gather some steam going forward, and since Bryan has a loyal following, a loss here doesn’t hurt him much.

Winner: Ted DiBiase

“World Heavyweight Championship:”
Kane vs. Edge- 2010 has been Kane’s best year in professional wrestling by far, but after a dominant feud with his brother “The Undertaker,” the monster that is Kane, has become that of a sad man, chasing after his daddy. Edge is just one win shy of capturing his tenth “World Championship,” and while many fans may be expecting Edge to reach that number this Sunday, expect this feud to continue with Kane retaining either by pinfall, or disqualification. Regardless the outcome, the two veterans will most likely be facing off next month, at the “T.L.C.” pay per view.

Winner: Kane

“WWE Championship:”
Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett w/John Cena as the “Special Guest” referee- This is by far the most intriguing match of the night, because of the many number of possible ways for this match to play out. Will John Cena turn heel, and help Wade Barrett win “The WWE Championship,” so he can keep his job with the WWE??? Not a chance! Whether you love him, or hate him, Cena still turns too much of a profit for the WWE to even seriously consider turning him heel. Cena is the 11th most followed athlete on “Twitter,” which is quite a statement to the guys popularity. Look for Cena to call this match right down the middle, with Barrett finding a way to win.

Winner: Wade Barrett

“WWE Championship:”
Wade Barrett vs. “The Miz”- With Cena free of “The Nexus,” Barrett gets the beatdown that Cena has promised him, leaving him vulnerable to “The Miz,” who will cash in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase, and become new “WWE Champion.”

Winner: “The Miz”

There you have it, “Survivor Series” ends with a buzz, and a new era… era of “AWESOMENESS!!!” Until next time, enjoy the pay per view 🙂

–Daniel Decker

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