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Nov 20, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Hi, Liam McCausland here with my preview and predictions for this year’s Survivor Series.

WWE Championship:
Randy Orton (C) vs Wade Barrett – special guest referee John Cena, No DQ, Nexus barred from ringside
Well, this is it for John Cena. He’s either leaving Survivor Series free from being the Nexus’ errand boy by raising Wade Barrett’s hand, or free from his WWE contract by counting the 1-2-3 for The Viper. Now I know how I want this to go. I want Cena to call it down the middle, then screw Orton. Unfortunately, they won’t turn Cena heel. How they’re going to work it, I don’t know, but Orton is going to win and Cena will still be hired.

Winner: Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship:
Kane (c) vs Edge
With Undertaker’s injury meaning he had to be buried alive at Bragging Rights, it left a gap for the main event at SS. Enter Edge, who has temporarily given up his crusade against everything stupid in the WWE and won a tournament on Smackdown. Personally I see Paul Bearer escaping his imprisonment and giving Kane some sort of helping hand that will lead Teddy Long to give Edge a rematch of his choosing, conveniently at TLC.

Winner: Kane

Intercontinental Championship:
Dolph Ziggler (C) vs Kaval
Wow, what a way to bury a guy. Kaval has a title shot for any title of his choosing, but having not won a match since winning NXT season 2, he finally picks up a win against Vickie Guerrero’s latest plaything and decides he has to challenge him for his title, throwing away a world title match for a spot of PPV filler. Well done creative. No way Low Ki is leaving with the gold.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

US Championship:
Daniel Bryan (c) vs Ted Dibiase Jr
Just announced on Saturday night, somebody’s clearly realized they were looking a bit light on the ground for matches. This was set up this Monday on Raw, with the ‘fortunate son’ attacking the American Dragon (he’s still Bryan Danielson to me) because he wants to earn something. It won’t be just yet though. This could be a good fued.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Team Mysterio vs Team Del Rio
(Mysterio, Kingston, MVP, Masters, Big Show vs Del Rio, Rhodes, McIntyre, Swagger, Keith Richards from Pirates of the Caribbean…sorry Reks)
Bad blood between the two Mexican warriors, so obviously they need an extra 4 each to back them up. I think this was the part where creative remembered which PPV they were at and needed a gimmick match. Don’t know which way this was going, so I’ll go for the faces.

Winner: Team Rey

Tag Team Championships:
Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater (c) vs Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov
Santino has been getting a strange push of late, with his escapades with Sheamus drawing a lot of attention, and for some reason (Europeans i presume) Kozlov coming along for the ride. So naturally, best way to push someone is stick a title on him. Now the top 4 titles have real wrestlers on them Santino can’t have one of them, so a tag title that top brass don’t seem to care about? Maybe. Don’t think the Nexus need it to be over, but don’t know if San-mir have done enough to warrant it.

Winners: Nexus

Divas Title:
Laycool (c) vs Natalya
For the third PPV in a row, Nattie Neidhart gets a shot at the most irritating twosome in the WWE for a long time. I think its great, because they really make you hate them, but can get tiresome. I think it’ll be third time lucky for Natalya, because both of them are in the match now and she’ll be expecting anything.

Winner (AND NEW CHAMPION) Natalya

John Morrison vs Sheamus
With the Celtic Milkshake bullying his way to the top of the ladder, taking out Triple H being top of his non-title accolades, it seems the Shaman of Sexy has had enough and taken a stand, with a few well placed kicks taking down the Irishman. This past Monday, Sheamus returned the compliment taking him out backstage. Big fan of Sheamus, have been for a long time since he was on the Irish scene. Great talent, will go over here, and this will run until HHH feels like coming back.

Winner: Sheamus

Right, thats me done (unless they decide to add ANOTHER match). It’ll be a good show I reckon, can’t be worse than many of the other offerings we’ve had this year. Enjoy, kids.

Liam McCausland

Welcome to Fandemonium’s Previews and Predictions for Survivor Series. This was always a favourite PPV of mine, as it was unique and was a means of keeping feuds fresh and starting others through elimination matches. However, those have long since fallen by the wayside and The E has turned this, for the most part, into another PPV.

World Heavyweight Championship: Kane vs Edge

I’m always a fan of a guy qualifying for/winning a title match. Edge won his way into this match the Smackdown after the last PPV. Hokey Paul Bearer kidnapping aside, the build up to this title match has been fairly paint by numbers: Guy gets match, feud begins. This should be a pretty good match since Edge is always entertaining, and Kane works well with mid-sized guys. I see Kane continuing the title reign.

Kane via pinfall

What next: Kane goes on to feud with the Big Show. Edge moves into a program with Del Rio or perhaps Dolph for the IC title.

WWE title: Orton vs Barrett with Cena as the ref.

Oh boy, where to start? Cena ends up in Nexus. Barrett gets title match. Cena gets Barrett the win, via DQ, so no title. Rematch in the cards. Ok, so the big question: What does Cena do? Best case scenario is that Cena has been playing everyone for, well, what seems like forever, and ends up being the mastermind behind Nexus. Since continuity has never been a big thing for the E, I’ll assume that whole part of the Nexus angle is gone. That being said, I will say that Cena calls the thing right down the middle, takes a ref bump, Barrett clocks Orton without Cena actually seeing it, John counts the 3, and Barrett wins “clean”. I’d assume at this point Cena destroys Barrett, Orton RKO’s Cena, Miz comes down, cashes in the MITB, Cena comes to and counts the 3 for the Miz.

What next: Since Cena was only a ref for the one match, the anonymous GM states that he was not allowed to count the 3 for the Miz, and the GM vacates the title.

Diva’s title: Natalya vs Laycool

You have to guess that Natalya is going over here. I have to assume that the rest of the Divas, possibly even Mae Young get involved and Natalya pins Layla

Natalya vs pinfall

What next: Probably a rematch with Michelle and then a new feud with the Diva of the month.

John Morrison vs Sheamus

This is a match I was really looking forward to, before JoMo’s “stand up to the bully” speech. I was good with this feud being about one guy wanting to beat another and get attention from beating a former champ. This feud will have to continue so it will go to a no contest of some kind, likely a double DQ.

Double DQ

What Next: Likely the infamous “chairs” match at TLC.

Tag title match: Nexus vs Santino/Kozlov

I love tag team wrestling and I always have. In fact, I think of different ways, weekly to bring the tag division back to the forefront. I can’t see Nexus losing the belts, although, knowing the E, Nexus will likely lose the belts and turn on each others.

Nexus vs pinfall

What’s next: Probably an Uso’s face turn and a nice run of matches.

IC title match: Dolph vs Kaval

I see this as the show stealer. If the E gives these two 10-15 minutes out there, this will be the match that will be talked about for weeks. I just see this as a paint by numbers feud again. Kaval steals the win with a roll up and gets a title match because he won NXT. Of course, the question will always be asked : Why the IC and not the World title, but perhaps, just maybe, the E is giving the IC title a little bit of credibility. Dolph winning to even the series at 1 a piece makes the most sense.

Dolph via pinfall.

What next: a Rubber match either on Smackdown or the next PPV.

US title: Ted Jr. Vs Daniel Bryan

Ted needs the push. I think this could be a close second for match of the night. It kind of came out of nowhere, but at least in a way that makes sense. Guy wants a title, so he attacks the champ. I like it. Dibiase wins the US title on Sunday.

Ted via pinfall

What next: A rematch between the 2

5 on 5 Elimination match: Team Rey vs Team Del Rio

I really think this will be a vehicle to do 2 things. 1) Push Big Show as a force again to set him up as the next challenger for the World Title; 2) Get Del Rio over as a star. My guess would be that De; Rio gets most of the 4 elimination of Team Rey Rey, leaving Show in a 5 on 1 match. Show ends up winning the match, eliminating Alberto last.

Show is the sole survivor.

What next: Show goes for the title and Del Rio feuds with Edge.

That’s all for now. As always, tune into the match by match coverage here on Until next time, Fandemonium out………………

Hi, this is Alexei Krasilnikov with my predictions and preview of todays WWE PPV Survivor Series from the other side of the world – from Moscow, Russia.
The card looks like something solid. We have only one traditional Survivor Series rules match, which makes me sad, but we have great matches, so let’s start!

1. John Morrison vs. Sheamus. Taking in consideration that Sheamus is in the middle of de-push, this fight is great opportunity for him to show his best and to show that he could be great fighter even without opponents like Triple H, Cena or Orton. For JoMo it’s a challenge. I can’t remember him feuding against such huge opponents. Besides it could be a moment of truth for him – to make a statement as SINGLE wrestler. This feud came out of nowhere, but it looks real great – speed, agility and glamour of Morrison against power, physics and accent of Sheamus. JoMo gained advantage on the weekly shows, but Sheamus has greater experience in huge PPV bouts.
Prediction: Sheamus – 70%, JoMo – 30%

2. Divas title. Natalya and LayCool have been feuding for couple of months, they had title-bouts, but still Natalya was unsuccessful. Considering Beth is injured, Gail is somewhere outside of attention of bookers, Michelle and Natalya are the most decent workers in women’s roster. They say that McCool is (modifying Russian proverb) “husband’s wife”, but she’s always been decent in ring, and LayCool storyline helped her to show more personality than ever. Natalya is in the middle of Hard Dynasty’s fall and I think that she would have been better champion with her allies holding tag titles. Well, I’m waiting for Beth’s return, and this bout is not of so much interest.
Prediction: LayCool: 60%, Natalya: 40%

3. Tag Team Titles: This could be the easiest to predict. Solid pairing in a solid group against random pairing based on comedy purposes. Let Kozlov and Santino do humor and something funny. Vladimir is not popular in Ru-net wrestling community, and I don’t think that anyone would be sad if they lose. Talking about the champs let’s not forget rumors about all NEXUS members holding WWE gold. Heath and Justin already hold and it’s no reason to think they lose it
Prediction: NEXUS: 95%, KozloRella: 5%.

4. Survivor Series match: Team del Rio against team Mysterio. We know that this bout was kind of last minute substitution because of Rey’s injury, so perhaps we’ll see Rey’s best only in the ending of this bout. Heels look like better wrestlers, but faces have much more experience. We will watch Drew and Cody managing their relationship, rare chance of Masters to show his skills on PPV, second in a row PPV for Tyler Rex and maybe the last one for MVP? You might have heard rumors about his release. Faces are faster, but heels are more powerful. But faces have Big Show.
Prediction: Team Mysterio: 70%, Team Del Rio: 30%. And I’d better watch Rey vs. Alberto

5. Intercontinental Title: Ziggler about Kaval. Dolph has just tweeted that he would carry one more indy wrestler on his back to show-stealing match. I’m sure they can do it. Dolph was great against Bryan (although he remained winless), I’m sure Dolph could make a great match against Kaval. And Kaval just has to do what he does best – fight. Still I can’t see Kaval getting title. It could be awesome having Bryan as US champ, Kaval as IC champ (let them feud and unite titles – maybe at Royal Rumble), but not at his 1st PPV.
Prediction: Dolph Ziggler: 80%, Kaval: 20%

6. World Heavyweight Title match: This is the tough one with heavy promotion. Yesterday I watched Edge’s first match in WWF – against Jose Estrada. And it was on RAW when Kane spoke his first words. With the help of special device. It was 6 days before Kane became WWF Champion. And who could say that that long-haired tall guy would get more titles than Kane? Who could imagine that Edge would kidnap Kane’s father? Big Red Monster is quite mad, but during last weeks Edge has got situation in his hands. So what is better – initiative or madness. My bet is on the second.
Prediction: Kane: 70%, Edge: 30%

7. WWE title: This match is culmination of the whole NXT and NEXUS thing. Well, it could be. Wade did everything to provide his victory. Even everyone’s favorite Cena is on his side. But on latest PPV John cost him the title. And it is strange, but current WWE championship has supporting role in what is going in WWE today. Of course John Cena cannot be fired. But Barrett becoming champion? We may hope that bookers wouldn’t be afraid to make surprise everyone with one big win for Barrett. And we shouldn’t forget that there is Miz hanging around with his case. Roddy Piper played his role on Monday, but will Cena listen? Sad to see but no-one cares about the title. Everyone wants to see what will Cena do. Let’s wait and see.
Prediction: Randy Orton: 30%, Wade Barrett: 60%, Miz cash-in: 10%.

Overall it looks like a solid show and definitely worth watching. Maybe just to find out what will happen, but there are very nice bouts in the card. Weak point is tag-team bout, but let’s hope bookers will surprise us.

It was Russian Report from Alexei Krasilnikov. Have a Nice PPV.

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