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SPOILERS: WWE Smackdown for this Friday

The following took place on Tuesday in Richmond, Virginia.

WWE Smackdown (for November 19):

* Alberto Del Rio started the show talking down the WWE Legends from Monday and how he beat Sgt. Slaughter. MVP came out to defend the WWE Legends. Del Rio told MVP the only reason he is defending them is because he knows he will never be one, unlike himself who already is a legend. MVP challenged Del Rio to a match and Del Rio declined, but offered up his partner this Sunday in the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination tag team match, Drew McIntyre.

* MVP def. Drew McIntyre.

* Backstage, we see Edge who still have Paul Bearer kidnapped. Kane went into Teddy Long’s office demanded to know where Edge is keeping Bearer.

* Jack Swagger def. Chris Masters.

* Kaval was in the ring for the next segment and Dolph Ziggler came out running him down saying all the “internet fans” think he is special, but he was here to prove them all wrong.

* Kaval def. WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match. After the match, Kaval reminded Ziggler he was the champion of season two of NXT and earned a championship match as a result. Kaval announced he would be using that title match this Sunday against Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship.

* Cody Rhodes def. Kofi Kingston.

* More backstage video of Kane is shown trying to find Paul Bearer.

* Laycool def. Kelly Kelly & Natalya.

* Backstage, Edge used Paul Bearer as bait to attack Kane. Edge then drove off with Bearer.

* Big Show def. Tyler Reks.

* Rey Mysterio def. Alberto Del Rio via DQ when the rest of Team Del Rio hit the ring to attack Mysterio. Team Mysterio then hit the ring to make the save. Teddy Long then walked out and said since everyone involved this Sunday was in the ring, they would have a Survivor Series Preview Battle Royal.

* Big Show won the Battle Royal eliminating Jack Swagger.

* Post-taping Bonus Match: Big Show def. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kane via DQ when Kane hit Big Show with the belt.

Source: PWInsider

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3 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    They should make Kaval cut a promo saying something like he wants to use his title shot for the intercontinental championship belt instead of the world heavyweight championship belt because he wants to really earn the right to challenge for the world heavyweight championship belt and winning NXT is not a good way to earn that right but winning the intercontinental championship belt is. It may bury NXT but it’ll make Kaval look stronger instead of being stupid in wasting his title shot. Getting pissed off at Ziggler is not a good reason to waste his title shot.

  2. N. Gaijin says:

    Holy convenient memory Batman! They just gave Kaval a title shot?!

    Kaval v. Ziggler… I’ve got to see this.

  3. real deal says:

    yep i don’t ever have to watch smackdown as long as i got to read the spoilers thanks

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