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Long title reign for Kane?

– From Chris Murray: There is a Smackdown taping coming to Rochester, New York on 12/28/10 The ad hypes a main event (possible dark match) match that is a six man tag match.

On one side, Edge, the Big Show, and Rey Mysterio taking on Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, and the World Heavyweight Champion Kane.

– From Douglas: According to BancorpSouth Arena Website: May 8,2011



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13 Responses

  1. Taylor says:

    no way he’s champ that long

  2. steve says:

    hey that would be cool if kane held the title that long. its been a while since someone has held the world title that long.

  3. James says:

    God please YESSS

  4. cold says:

    I’ll bet Kane drops the title to Big Show @ survivor series and they go back and forward.

  5. reyo says:

    he could always lose it and win it back. I like Kane as WHC. Why not a long reign?

  6. DeathNote81 says:

    Didn’t they see the match Kane and Big Show had on SD! last week?

  7. SB says:

    Makes sense if they’re waiting for the Undertaker to return and take the title from him.

  8. Martin Luther King says:

    I personally feel Kane has the belt because Taker is injured and should there be no other contender to face Taker at Mania 27 then they’ll keep the strap on taker and have him face Kane – win and arguably retire as champion. The rumble winner would then be from the Raw brand with my money on Hunter Hearst Helmsley returning at RR as a “surprise” entry and winning as it has been many years since he headlined.

  9. Simon Poole says:

    Guessing they not having the Unification Match at Wrestlemania for both world titles…That’s good!

  10. Travis says:

    That’s doubtful. I mean they always advertise the champ in the long haul while he’s still champ then change the ad’s once he loses the belt.

  11. Mark says:

    I dont see why not. I’ve always wondered why they quit having long title reigns. It gives the title more credibility. And nobody deserves to wear it more than Kane.

  12. Laycool says:

    Kane is a has been. His wrestling is slow ad lethargic, Edge should have a long face title rain, it would be more believable

  13. Laycool says:

    And* reign*

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