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More bad news for WWE domestic PPV buyrates

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Around two months ago Dave Meltzer revealed in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter some interesting and rather scary domestic (U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico) WWE pay per view buyrate figures in a ranking of the top 10 lowest purchased events of all time. Here is an updated list which now features five events from 2010 alone and seven from the last two years.

1. December 2 Dismember 2006: 52,000 buys.
2. Fatal 4 Way 2010: 79,000 buys.
3. Cyber Sunday 2008: 92,000 buys.
4. Breaking Point 2009: 96,000 buys.
5. Night of Champions 2010: 99,000 buys.
6. Money in the Bank 2010: 99,000 buys.
7. Bragging Rights 2009: 99,000 buys.
8. Extreme Rules 2010 : 101,000 buys.
9. Over the Limit 2010: 109,000 buys.
10. No Mercy 2006: 114,000 buys.

Fatal 4 Way 2010 and Extreme Rules 2010 is expected to gain around 10,000 buys off the current reported figure of 79,000 buys and 101,000 buys respectively.

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  1. Brett says:

    What do they expect when they charge almost $50 for a pay per view? They have a PPV almost every 3 weeks, lackluster main events, an almost non existant undercard, and they love to have matches end indecisively (in DQ, countout, etc).

  2. Husker Boy says:

    Bring back the attitude era…

  3. AJ Starr says:

    Well what does the WWE really expect? What makes wrestling exciting is “spontaneous” gimmick matches with proper build-up in a good feud, and they’ve turned all their PPVs into crappy gimmick matches with an average of 13 days build between each one.

    It’s embarrassing as a fan and as a local wrestler to see what the WWE has turned the business into. They lost their way big time, and they will see a very steady decline in business until they smarten up. Whether they stick to PG or not, they need to quit insulting the intelligence of the fans, and cut out the general BS they know is irritating to the people who pay their bills.

    The RAW GM garbage is the prime example of this, as is Vickie Guerrero. Both are hated by the vast majority of the “WWE Universe” (which is a very pathetic thing to call it in itself) and the fans genuinely hate both and boo louder than they do for all the heels, because the RAW GM thing is trash and lasted far too long, and Vickie is irritating as hell to listen to.

    What ever happened to feuds, longer matches, and proper build… which, you know… DROVE all wrestling companies for decades?

    WWE is going to end up biting a massive bullet over how they’re operating right now.

  4. Sub-Zero says:

    Who the hell wants to see a PPV based on a Fatal Fourway match or the Miz win Money in the Bank? Also, going PG has definitely hurt PPV buyrates because kids do not purchase PPVs. Please do not give me the “Parents order PPVs for their kids” crap. Kids can barely convince their parents to buy a $10 action figure, let alone a $50 PPV.

  5. LostPr0phet says:

    Over the past year, here is the trend… with the exception of HardCore Justice (The Dreamer DDT on Raven while handcuffed in my opinion is the spot of the year, I don’t ever remember seeing anything else like that… ever!) and Kofi Kingston kicking ass in Money In The Bank (That Boom Drop off the Ladder through the announce table was sick)… PPVs in 2010 have not been the best. This speaks for both TNA and WWE, though TNA has the edge because they use their PPVs to advance storylines further such as how they used Turning Point to further the entire deal with Immortal, very much how WCW used Souled Out in 1997 to truly establish nWo dominance across the board. While it was not the best PPV, it at least had a purpose. WWE, I don’t know what their purposes for their PPVs are. People can bash Russo all they want, but at least he has a framework and sets things up storyline wise, like how he is setting up the feud between Ray and Devon. WWE is poorly written, poorly executed, and doesn’t really have top notch established main event talent outside of Christian and Cena (I know Cena is not the best wrestler, but he is very good at engaging with the crowd and he is over, you can’t deny that, he’s kind of like a sane version of Ultimate Warrior except people actually like him lol). TNA has AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, RVD, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and a much better tag team division.

    Ok I’ve ranted enough. WWE needs to go back to the formula that made it successful and take more pride in their product. That simple! Oh, and not spend 45+ million on a senate seat that you did not have much of a chance of winning would have been a great start!

  6. Anthony says:

    What does WWE expect with almost every ppv being the same card over and over again. If it wasn’t for Taker’s injury, it would have probably been Taker vs Kane 6 ppvs in a row before they were done with it. If they can’t come up with something different between the little time they have from ppv to ppv, they need to drop a couple so they can have a build up and a finale. Not make people pay over $150 and watch the same two people face off three times in a row at a ppv, just to see one storyline play out. I’d talk about TNA too, but after making the mistake of paying to watch Bound for Glory, I will never make the mistake of paying to watch a TNA ppv again. It just isn’t worth it.

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