News on Hurricane Helms, Christopher Nowinski, more

Nov 10, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

– Japanese referee Joe Higuchi passed away over the weekend from lung cancer at age 81. He was a long time referee for All Japan and later Pro Wrestling Noah. He also at one-time served as Giant Baba’s liaison guy
to the United States. (credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

Former wrestler addresses head injuries

– From Bill Behrens: In the most successful show since it’s inception, Highway 2 Helms delivered another very funny show discussing Brock’s loss, Taker’s place in “big-man” history, why Helms had to cancel out on his UK tour and soooo much more! This week’s episode is also the subject of a study by Northern Kentucky University! H2H can be seen every Wed night on and is archived at Any wrestling, or MMA fan will love it.

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