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Honky Tonk Man Pulls Out Of WWE Raw Old School

WWE legend The Honky Tonk Man has issued the following statement regarding
the upcoming WWE Raw Is Oldschool

“HTM and WWE could not come to terms for the Old School RAW show upcoming.
HTM informed WWE yesterday that he no longer had a desire to participate on
the event.”

HTM Team

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5 Responses

  1. Will Henderson says:

    i bet he wasn’t book in the first place, Honky Tonk Man’s an attention whore these days.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Well that sucks.

  3. Ed says:

    If you really care wheather HTM was going to be at RAW or not you got severe problems. HTM belongs in the HOF due to politics, he only kept the IC gold as long as he did due to that & sucked in the ring. However he was good in his role. Would have only been a jobber today. His gimmick would not work & would join wrestle crap if he debuted today. People did not pay $$$ to watch him wrestle but hoping he would get his butt whipped. I do realize that does count for something. However, for all the wrong reasons. Annoying as anyone could ever be. He’s a lot like the Miz is today but at least the Miz has gotten better. He is called the the greatest IC champion for holding the gold the longest but the greatest IC champion is Chris Jericho. HTM is one of the most over rated guys in the last 30 years in the WWE! Could not draw a dime if he didn’t have the IC title around his waist, that’s really PATHETIC!

  4. Denis says:

    Couldn’t come to terms? I wonder how much that old washed up never was wanted to appear. Or did he not like how WWE was going to use him on the show? Whatever, he won’t be missed. Would have been fun to hear Lawler rip on him, though. No love loss between those cousins

  5. Matt says:

    He’s awesome, Screw the WWE.

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